Description of Downtown Brentwood--Road to Revitalization

The Downtown Brentwood Road to Revitalization project is comprised of two major parts – Infrastructure and Streetscape.  The infrastructure work that will be performed involves the replacement of aging water, storm drain and sewer service lines throughout several streets and alleys in the downtown.

The streetscape work is divided into four phases. Phase I includes the Core Streets and Downtown approaches along Oak Street and Brentwood Boulevard. Phase II includes improvements to the Downtown approach on Second Street. Phase III is planned to be completed in conjunction with future development of the Opportunity Site bounded by Second Street, Maple Street, and Oak Street. Phase IV includes improvements to Neighborhood Streets and the remainder of Brentwood Boulevard.

The estimated budget for Phases I and II of the streetscape work is approximately $7,000,000.  The current phase of the infrastructure work is approximately $4,000,000.  Please see Chapter IV of the Streetscape Master Plan for detailed information about the current and future phases of the project.