Updated March 23, 2011:

31.  Rain is needed...except when a project is awaiting its first major flatwork concrete pour. The project team has been eagerly awaiting for a 2-3 day window without rain.  The curb and gutter has been poured in all areas currently under construction.  The new street lights have also been installed on Oak Street. See the latest photos.

30.  The new decorative street lights on First Street and Chestnut Street have been energized.

29.  Curb and gutter has been poured in all areas that are currently under construction.  The only areas to date that are missing curb and gutter are the alley approaches and some of the corners at First and Oak and First and Chestnut.The contractor is setting the forms for a possible sidewalk concrete pour during the week March 14th (weather permitting).

28.  The contractor is planning on removing the existing sidewalk on the portion of Oak Street between Third and Second Streets during the week of March 7th (weather permitting).  The contractor will be working on Oak Street preparing for curb and gutter work.  Please make sure all vehicular and pedestrian directional signage is observed and followed.

27.  The contractor has installed the decorative street lighting on Chestnut and First Streets. 

26.  On Tuesday, February 7th, the contractor paved the first layer of asphalt on First Street and Chestnut Street. Please see the latest photos from the week of February 7th - 11th.

25.  The first phases of night work were completed successfully. The installation of curb and gutter on First Street and Chestnut Street has also been completed. See the latest photos.

24.  The first night of night-work was completed the morning of February 1st.  The contractor installed a new valve and waterline connections in the intersection of Chestnut Street and Midway Alley.  The concrete for curb and gutter was poured on Chestnut Street on February 1st.  The next area to receive curb and gutter will be First Street. Please see the selection of photos from the week of January 31st - February 4th.

23.  The contractor has been preparing Chestnut and First Street for curb and gutter forming. Currently the forming is scheduled for the early part of the week of January 31st.

22.  Letters were mailed out to all Downtown business owners and residents announcing the start of night-time work.  The construction will be bright and loud.  The purpose of the night work is to install water connections during times of low usage.  Water disruption notices will be posted 48 hours in advance. Night work is scheduled for the weeks of January 31st and February 7th.

21.  The new waterline on Oak Street is being pressure tested. Preparation for the installation of curb and gutters on First Street has commenced. See the latest photos.

20.  The installation/relocation of the waterline in Oak Street is moving along.The joint trench crew has also started installing the electrical conduit needed for the decorative streetlights and tree lights along Oak Street.  Please pay attention to the traffic control measures and drive safely.

19.  Happy New Year. After a very wet couple of weeks ending 2010, the crews were pleased to see the sun this week.  The contractor has started trenching for the placement of electrical conduit on First Street.  The Contractor has also installed a new man hole and catch basin for the relocated storm drain pipes.

18.  The fountain at First Street and Oak Street has been demolished.  Please rest assure, all of the personalized tiles that were purchased for loved ones and businesses have been documented and will be engraved in new concrete pavers that will surround the new fountain. The plaque of the former Mayor Gonzales was removed and is in storage awaiting its new home in the fountain area. See our most recent photos of today's event.

17.  The existing water fountain is scheduled for removal on Thursday, December 16, 2010 (weather permitting).  The contractor has removed all of the sidewalk on the north side of Oak Street between Second Street and Diablo Way.

16.  On Monday, December 13, 2010, parking on First Street will be temporarily unavailable from Oak Street to mid block (the movie theater).  Sidewalk demolition will begin on Monday on Oak Street.  One-way traffic control is anticipated to begin on Oak Street between First and Second Street.

15.  Prep work for the demolition of sidewalks and parking on the North side of Oak Street began this week.  Patrons and business owners can expect to see a four (4) foot wide sidewalk path for the entire length of store frontage from Brentwood Boulevard to Second Street. This path will ensure continued access to all store fronts on Oak Street during construction.  Directional signs have been placed throughout the area to identify the public parking lots.  Please feel free to use the public parking lot on Second Street to access the businesses on Oak Street (please observe maximum parking time limits in all areas).

14.  Prep work for the utility trenches on Chestnut Street and First Street are continuing. The trees located on the east side of First Street and the north side of Oak Street have been removed.  Crews will not be working on November 25th or 26th.  Happy Thanksgiving.

13.  The sidewalk demolition and removal of the first phase (South side of Chestnut Street) of the project was completed on November 8th. Trenching for the underground utilities on Chestnut from Third Street to Brentwood Boulevard is expected to begin within the next couple of days.

12.  The Downtown Brentwood -- Road to Revitalization project has officially started.  A Bay Cities Paving & Grading crew spent most of the first day "potholing" (holes used to verify utility location) on Chestnut Street.

11.  Notices of construction were mailed or hand delivered on October 22, 2010. The project will officially commence on Monday, November 1, 2010.  Major utility work on Chestnut Street will be the first order of business for Bay Cities Paving & Grading.

10.  On September 28, 2010, the City Council awarded the construction contract to Bay Cities Paving & Grading.  A pre-construction meeting is scheduled to take place on October 12, 2010.

9.  On September 14, 2010, a total of four (4) bids were submitted. The results can be found here - Bid Results. Staff will be making the recommendation at the September 28, 2010, City Council Meeting that Bay Cities Paving & Grading, Inc. be awarded the contract for the above mentioned project.

8.  The entire design team took a much needed deep breath after the plans were finally submitted as complete on August 6, 2010.  The complete bid package is now available for purchase and bid proposals are due September 14, 2010, no later than 2PM. For more information please follow this link - Bid Package.

7.  CBG and the construction design team submitted the 95% design drawings on June 18, 2010. The plans were reviewed by the City team and returned to CBG at the plan review meeting on June 25, 2010.  The next major milestone will be during the first week of July when the design team is expected to submit the 100% design drawings.

6.  Within the next two weeks, the 60% design drawings are expected to be delivered and finalized.  The next major milestone is the development and City review of the 90% design drawings and construction phasing plan.

5.  CBG, presented the Final Design Concept Plan for the project to the City team on April 6, 2010.

4.  Construction drawings and final design concept drawings started in January 2010 by civil engineers and consultant team.

3.  Kick off meeting with CBG, sub-consultants and City team on January 22, 2010.

2.  Professional Service Agreement for construction design documents and plans were awarded on December 8, 2009 to civil engineers, Carson Barbee and Gibson (CBG – Lead Civil Engineer) with consultants Bottomley Design & Planning (Landscape Architect), Strauss Design Group (SDG – Structural Architects), Tarrar Utility Consultants (Electrical Engineer), Fehr and Peers (Traffic Signal Consultant), Engeo (Geotechnical Consultant) and JDH Corrosion Consultants (Corrosion Consultant for underground public utilities).

1.  Downtown Streetscape Master Plan approved October 13, 2009.

Final Design Concept Plan