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Press Release
Brentwood City Council Hires New City Manager

BRENTWOOD, CA – The Brentwood City Council announced today that Donna Landeros, former City Manager of Ventura, California, has been chosen as Brentwood’s tenth City Manager.

Landeros was unanimously selected by the City Council following an extensive selection process that included pre-screening by an executive recruitment firm, rounds of interviews, and in-depth reference and background checks. Landeros will succeed John Stevenson, who retires December 30 after serving for 3 years as City Manager and 5 years as City Engineer.

“The Council wanted this to be an enthusiastic unanimous decision. We felt it important to find someone who encompasses leadership, experience, personality, and energy to manage East County’s fastest growing city,” said Mayor Brian Swisher. “We believe Donna will build upon the “Brentwood Way” that has made the city the best place to live, work, and do business in the Bay Area.”

Landeros comes to Brentwood with over 30 years experience in municipal government. Besides serving as City Manager of Ventura for 9 years, she served as County Administrative Officer for the County of Yolo, CA; Deputy County Administrative Officer for the County of Butte, CA; and District Recreation Director for the County of Los Angeles, CA. During her tenure in Ventura, Landeros accomplished a tremendous list of community improvements including a new 100-acre sports park, swimming pools, golf course renovations, and library projects. Economic development accomplishments included expanding the retail sales base, revitalization of Downtown, and attracting a new Veteran’s Home. Landeros has a record of completing projects on time and on budget.

The City of Ventura had an aggressive CIP program to update and expand water and wastewater treatment facilities. As City Manager, Landeros oversaw more than $100 million in utility construction projects. The City was lead agency in major highway construction projects and she worked very closely with the City’s engineering staff and the county transportation agency.

Landeros led the renegotiating of the City’s cable television franchise agreement which took the City from a 1970’s service level to state-of-the-art technology. She was instrumental in involving over 1,500 residents and businesses in a comprehensive visioning process. The Downtown Revitalization project included street improvements, a movie theater, parking garage and infill residential units.

The City of Ventura has a first class cultural affairs program, similar to that of much larger cities. Downtown Ventura has been designated as a Cultural District, and Landeros led the development and implementation of a comprehensive cultural plan to promote the arts sector of the City’s economy.

Former Ventura Mayor Ray De Guilio, a longtime supporter, worked with Landeros during his term on council. According to DeGuilio, Landeros is very intelligent, bright, and articulate and has a proven track record in agencies of different sizes. She’s a strong manager and understands government, and believes cities operate on policies not political favors.

One of Landeros’ most rewarding accomplishments with the City of Ventura was to lead the restructuring of the County Library system to increase the City’s control over resources and governance. Following the reorganization, the operating hours were doubled at no cost to the City. The City acquired and doubled the square footage of the main library to add a new children’s section and also built a new neighborhood library in the City’s lowest income neighborhood.

Landeros holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from CSU Los Angeles and Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from UCLA. Landeros, 56, and her husband, an elementary school teacher, have been married for 32 years. They have one son, a 23-year-old art student who will graduate from the Pratt Institute in New York later this month. Her hobbies include reading “junk fiction,” gardening, cooking, boating, windsurfing, snow skiing, hiking and bicycling. She has also been an active volunteer in Ventura County service clubs, including the United Way, where she is currently on the local board, and regional food banks. A self-proclaimed dog lover, Landeros once helped raise a yellow Lab as a guide dog as a joint-effort for her son’s high school project, even taking her to work on casual Fridays.

Landeros will assume the post of City Manager on January 1, 2005. Her first day in the office will be Monday, January 3.

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