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Press Release
City of Brentwood Water Treatment Update

BRENTWOOD, CA – The City of Brentwood has a new Wastewater Treatment Plant. This new Plant treats wastewater from homes and businesses within the City. Some of you might have noticed the rock structure along the Marsh Creek Bike Trail near the Plant. What cascades over this rock structure is highly treated wastewater from the Plant. This discharge meets or exceeds all discharge requirements currently set by the State.

As part of the daily operation of the Plant, staff is required to collect information on elements found in the wastewater before discharge. One of these elements is salinity. Salinity comes from salts generated by businesses and homes in the City. A large contributor to salinity is home water softeners.

The City has been mandated by the State to conduct a Salinity Source Control Program. The purpose of the program is to evaluate current salinity levels and develop ways to reduce salinity. If the City can lower the salinity levels in the Plant effluent, more of the effluent could be used for watering golf courses, roadside and median landscaping and industrial uses, just to name a few. This in turn would free up potable water for other uses.

The City’s current potable drinking water source is from groundwater wells, which meets all applicable local and state requirements. During peak water use in the summer months, this water source is supplemented by surface water produced by Contra Costa Water District at the Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant. The groundwater wells have a higher salinity level than surface water. As the City continues to grow, use of treated surface water will increase. As use of surface water with lower salinity levels increases, the need for water softeners will decrease.

The City has been collecting salinity data since 2001 and has compiled this information in Salinity Source Control Progress Reports. If you have questions or would like additional information about the Salinity Source Control Program, please contact David Stoops in the Wastewater Division at 516-6060.

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