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*****Media Advisory*****
Press Release
City of Brentwood Receives Three Financial Awards

BRENTWOOD, CA – The City of Brentwood has received the Excellence in Budgeting Award from the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) for the following financial documents:

• 2003/04 - 2005/06 Operating Budget
• 2003/04 - 2007/08 Capital Improvement Program Budget
• Comprehensive Annual Financial Review for Fiscal Year Ending 2003

The CSMFO Budget Awards Program is designed to recognize those agencies whose budget documents and communications documents meet certain state-wide standards considered to be of the highest quality.

These awards represent a significant achievement by the City, particularly since the City has never received all three awards in the same fiscal year. The last award achieved by the City for the Operating Budget was received in 1997. The last award achieved by the City for the Capital Budget was received in 1999. This is the third consecutive award received for the CAFR, since its inception in 2001. These award-winning documents reflect the City's commitment to meet the highest principles of governmental budgeting.

Appreciation is expressed to the City Council for their commitment to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting. Pamela Ehler, Director of Finance and Information Systems, accepted these awards at the CSMFO Conference in Long Beach on February 29, 2004.

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