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Press Release
City Takes Energy Conservation Steps

BRENTWOOD, CA. Cost and energy savings are in store for the City of Brentwood’s Family Aquatic Complex located at the corner of Griffith Lane and Balfour Road. The City performed a cost study to determine what measures could be taken to operate the pool complex more efficiently. The recommendation from a consultant (Water and Energy Management) was to install a device called a co-generator.

A co-generator is similar to a conventional car engine that runs on clean burning natural gas. The engine turns a generator that produces electricity to operate the electric pumps and lights at the complex. The benefit of this device is that it also produces heat while cooling the motor. This heat is then used to heat the pool water in much the same fashion that a car radiator functions.

The City currently purchases gas and electricity from PG&E to operate the pool. With the use of the co-generator, only gas and very little electricity will be required since the complex will be generating its own electricity. When the co-generator is operating, the five pool heaters currently used will not need to run because the heat collected from the engine will heat the pools. The current heaters will serve as a back-up system for the co-generator, and as an additional resource when the temperature is extremely low.

The other advantage is that future gas purchases will be half the current cost to the City, an energy conservation incentive offered by the Public Utilities Commission. This project will significantly reduce the cost (to an estimated $41,000/year) of operating the pool facility. The City of Brentwood has been tentatively awarded a $60,000 grant towards the construction of this project.

Parks and Recreation staff is recommending the award of a $137,540 contract for the construction of this project to Comfort Dynamics of Oakland California, at the January 13, 2004 City Council meeting. The construction is estimated to take 30 calendar days.

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