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*****Media Advisory*****
Press Release
Sunset Road Now Open

BRENTWOOD, CA. The new Sunset Road Realignment opened to traffic December 30, 2003. This roadway opening greatly enhances public safety and traffic flow by realigning Sunset Road from its current connection at Brentwood Boulevard (adjacent to Perez Nursery) to the signalized intersection at Grant Street, Brentwood Boulevard, and Sunset Road.

Vehicles can still travel old Sunset Road and approach the new intersection of Old and New Sunset Road at a stop sign. In the ensuing weeks the Old Sunset Road will become a cul-de-sac and renamed Sunset Court and will continue to serve the Perez Nursery and the housing development along Marsh Creek. The Old and New Sunset Road intersection will become the intersection of Sunset Road and Jane Way. Jane Way will provide access to the new DeNova Homes Subdivision 8416 and the existing residents along Old Sunset Road.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Brian Bornstein in the Engineering Department at (925) 516-5420.

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