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Press Release
Roadway Construction Update

Brentwood Boulevard Curve

The Brentwood Boulevard Curve project is tentatively scheduled for completion in December 2003, barring any potential weather-related delays. This current stage of work includes installing the new median island and utility crossings, and is expected to take another three weeks. The next stage of work will be to raise the sidewalk and driveways along the Safeway parking lot, and ultimately raise the road in both directions to improve the safety of the curve. The final stage of this project will be to install landscaping in the median and in the new plantings areas of the newly widened sections of Brentwood Boulevard.

The contractor has installed temporary delineators and warning signs to alert motorists of the roadway changes along the curve. Traffic control will remain in place until project completion.

Sand Creek Road

The grand opening of Sand Creek Road is tentatively scheduled for December 2003, contingent upon PG&E and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) completing their work as currently scheduled. UPRR has installed new track and crossing panels and will be completing installation of the signal crossing arms later this month. PG&E will be performing work to supply power to both the railroad signals and the Sand Creek Road/O’Hara Avenue traffic signal, which is tentatively scheduled for late November or early December 2003. Finally, the pedestrian box culvert under O'Hara Avenue at the intersection of Sand Creek Road and Marsh Creek that was damaged due to arson is currently scheduled for repair between November 12th and 15th, depending on the weather. A one-day closure will be required to accommodate this work. Both landscaping and soundwall construction will be installed prior to the road opening.

The contractor has installed temporary stop signs and warning signs to alert motorists of the roadway changes at the new Sand Creek Road/O’Hara Avenue intersection. Traffic control will remain in place east of O'Hara Avenue on the south side of Sand Creek Road.

Sunset Road

Caltrans officials approved a traffic control plan on October 31, 2003, in order to facilitate the necessary construction work at the intersection of Brentwood Boulevard and Sunset Road. Traffic will be shifted 3 feet to the west and K-rail placed so that the intersection improvements can be constructed, which include traffic signal modifications, trail modifications, concrete protective slab over EBMUD facilities, roadway paving, and signing and striping. Depending on the weather, the opening of the realigned Sunset Road is expected in early December. The majority of the other roadway improvements along Sunset Road have been completed while the City awaited Caltrans permit approval.

A new road segment has been constructed that will continue Sunset Road in a due east-west direction with a modified signalized intersection at Brentwood Boulevard, Grant Street, and the new Sunset Realignment. The Sunset Road Realignment project will improve the flow of traffic, and is included in the City’s Capital Improvement Program budget at a cost of approximately $3 million.

For more information on these and other roadway projects, visit Road Conditons, or you can call the City's Engineering Department at (925) 516-5420.

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