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*****Media Advisory*****
Press Release
City Advancing Towards New City Hall

A city task force has completed a 45-day first stage planning process designed to answer initial questions regarding the eventual building of a new city hall. The current city hall facility is far too small to house the current city staff. Presently, staff from the administration, finance and engineering departments inhabit the facility located at 708 Third Street. The original structure, approaching 50 years old, has been supplemented in recent years by the attachment of portable trailers to accommodate staff growth as the city grows. Those facilities are burgeoning, cramped and less than adequate to accommodate the work of the city.

The initial 45-day study identified and quantified all city owned and controlled space that could be used to house staff until a new city hall can be designed and built. This includes a design concept for a city-owned building at 118/120 Oak Street. Redesigning that facility will allow a move of engineering staff from the present city hall site and allow for improvements to the current city hall to better accommodate the finance and administration departments over an approximate 3-5 year period until a new city hall can be constructed. Improvements to 118/120 Oak Street will greatly enhance the building as a city asset.

Next phases of the city hall project include a report to the city council on Tuesday, February 11, 2003, on progress to date. Staff will be seeking council approval on the hiring of a design architect that can help develop conceptual plans for a new city hall that will be important to the siting effort, as well as, approval to move forward with the improvements to 118/120 Oak Street and the current city hall.

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