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Press Release
New City Hall Update

BRENTWOOD, CA – As the City of Brentwood’s population and commercial industry grows, so does the need for City provided service. The current City Hall offices are approaching 50 years of use and were adequate when the population and staff were much smaller However, service has increased, staff numbers have increased, but the available space to house staff has remained the same. This created the need to lease or purchase space for staff, equipment and materials and in most cases, required moving staff from City hall to various office locations throughout the city. This has caused some of the continuity between departments to decrease.

A study was performed to determine adequate workspace and a needs assessment was produced. City Council accepted the needs assessment study on September 24, 2002 which indicates that current staff works in substantially inadequate space of approximately 19,000 square feet. The study indicates that adequate work space is around 46,000 square feet now and 57,000 square feet at build out.

A task force was created which includes Council members, the City Manager and staff. This task force developed a request for qualification package that was distributed to approximately 39 architecture firms within a 100 mile radius of Brentwood. Once the Statement of Qualifications had been received, the task force began the review and interview process. Five firms were chosen to move to the next phase of the process and were interviewed by the task force. A final candidate was selected and staff asked Council for approval to negotiate a scope of work with the firm. Staff began negotiations with Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz (KMD) and will bring the negotiated contract before Council for review and possibly approval to move forward. If approval is given to initiate the design process, staff would work with KMD to begin historical research, the site selection process, community input sessions and the design program of the new facility.

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