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Press Release
Downtown Parking Improvements

The City has made several modifications to downtown parking regulations in response to the increasing demand for parking space in the downtown area and around City Hall. Rapid residential growth and business development have resulted in a greater number of high school students and staff, City employees, business owners and customers in search of parking spaces.

City staff has on numerous occasions surveyed the usage of its municipal lots, curbside parking and the high school staff and student lots to make a determination as to the best configuration to optimize parking availability for all users. In January the Second Street parking lot north of Oak was paved to provide 58 parking spaces. Last year the City added the Brentwood Boulevard parking lot with 17 spaces just south of Oak Street, and in 2001 opened the Chestnut Street lot, which has 20 spaces. The original municipal lot on Brentwood Boulevard north of Oak Street has 25 spaces.

Employees of the City of Brentwood were issued new parking passes last month (one per person) and all others have been voided. This plan has eliminated all employee parking from the south side of Oak Street, restricted the spaces in the front lot immediately adjacent to City Hall to 20-minute parking, and the second row of stalls to 90-minute parking. This has improved customer parking for City Hall and for the businesses on the south side of Oak Street.

Last summer the City co-ventured with the high school district to resurface the existing student parking lot and expand the lot to provide for an additional 157 student parking spaces, at an approximate cost of $175,000 to the City. Western Pacific is currently installing an additional 40 spaces to the student lot as a condition of approval for their project next to the high school. This extra space coupled with the additional time restrictions placed on the curbside parking on Maple Street next to the school has allowed more parking spaces for City employees on Maple, thus freeing up street parking on Oak Street.

City staff surveyed downtown businesses last month to determine their employee count and where those employees park. Based on that survey, staff made decisions on how to distribute municipal public parking permits in order to maximize the reduction of business employee parking on the downtown streets. Notices were distributed on car windshields to notify citizens of the increasing parking enforcement.

The City is striving to work with the entire community to improve access to parking in the downtown area. This is an ongoing process that is continually monitored by staff.

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