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Press Release
Sunset Road Realignment Nearing Completion

The Sunset Road Realignment project will improve the flow of traffic at the intersection of Brentwood Boulevard and Sunset Road. A new road segment is being constructed that will continue Sunset Road in a due east-west direction with a modified signalized intersection at Brentwood Boulevard, Grant Street, and the new Sunset Realignment. This project also includes an access road that links Havenwood Avenue to the new Sunset Road so residents and Public Works personnel at the Water Department Plant can access Sunset Road. This roadway improvement project is included in the city’s Capital Improvement Program budget at a cost of approximately $3 million.

The project reached a major milestone in early January with the completion of the bridge across Marsh Creek. The roadway improvements began after the rainy season (March of this year) and the paving of the roadway up to the State right-of-way is scheduled to occur in late June, or first week of July. The final critical tie-in to Brentwood Boulevard requires the issuance of a permit by Caltrans to perform the work. This permit is still pending and the City is hoping to acquire the necessary permit in the next few weeks so the remainder of the improvements can be completed for the tie-in to Brentwood Boulevard, including the traffic signal modifications, to allow the roadway to open up in early September.

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