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Press Release
Brentwood Wins Agricultural Award

For the past 6 years, proactive leadership by prior and the current Mayors and City Council Members has resulted in the Brentwood Agricultural Enterprise Preservation Program that will enable the City to assist in preserving 11,000 acres of prime farmland to our south and east. This program has been a multi-year collaboration between local farmers and the City.

The American Planning Association - Northern California Section, has recognized this Program, by granting the City the First Place Award for Focused Issue Planning for our Agricultural Enterprise Program.

The awards jury announced that they were very impressed with the multiple progressive planning efforts being done in Brentwood. They mentioned that it is rare to see such important planning work being done in fast growing cities, so it is especially impressive that Brentwood has done such a fine job, not only on agricultural preservation, but on our General Plan, Growth Management Plan and Parks and Trails Master Plan.

The Council recognized the incredible benefits that preserving 11,000 acres of prime farmland posed for the quality of life and economy; for Brentwood, and the entire region.

Over $200 million is generated annually by Brentwood agriculture. It controls sprawl, provides growth management, an open space greenbelt, tourism, and jobs. While it took a few years to get this program adopted, with a lot of patience, and leadership from the Mayor and Council, the City was finally successful.

The work continues, as the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust is now hard at work on their first agricultural preservation easement, and we are working with farmers and the County to allow agricultural tourism and wineries in the Agricultural Core.

Consultants MIG and EPS worked with the City Council, Planning Commission, farmers, City Manager, City Attorney, and staff, including Senior Planner Winston Rhodes on the development of this program.

Adoption of this program would not have been possible without the vision, hard work, support, patience and commitment of our former and current Mayors, City Council Members, Planning Commissioners, City Manager, City Attorney and staff.

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