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City of Brentwood Gives Boost to Local Companies and Business Start-Ups

City of Brentwood
May 19, 2010
Hazel Wetherford, City of Brentwood, (925) 516-5106


May 19, 2010

City of Brentwood Gives Boost to Local Companies and Business Start-Ups

“We’ve added ‘Tools for Business Success’ to our website with a free tool to help entrepreneurs choose the type of business entity that meets their needs, a business start-up kit, sample business plans and small business certification information.” The business start-up kit includes the forms needed to establish a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation.

Fostering new businesses is the most effective tool that government has to boost local economic growth (U.S. Small Business Administration February 2007). “We want to make Brentwood a great place to start a new business,” says Hazel Wetherford, Community Development Department for City of Brentwood.

But that’s just the beginning.

• There’s information on training provided by the regional Small Business Development Center and others, and over 75 online classes available to help start and grow your business.
• The Government Requirements kit has forms and simplified instructions that businesses need throughout the year.
• Whenever you’re ready to hire staff, visit the Employer Assistance site for our free Employer’s Kit and to see hourly pay information for 850+ different positions. You can also provide your new employees with a New Hire email that includes all the forms and required compliance notices.
• If you’re looking for loans, check out the site for Business Funding and to find local lenders that participate in SBA loan programs. Our loan payment calculator will help you quickly determine your payments for the loans you are requesting.

There are tools throughout the site to help you better manage your business, including a Business Report Card, financial calculators, a website grader, payroll tax calculator and more.

“If you still have questions after visiting our site, we have a Frequently Asked Questions feature where you can ask questions and experts will find resources to help you.”

To use these tools, visit 


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