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Press Release
Concord Avenue Update

The widening of approximately 1.5 miles of Concord Avenue between Fairview Avenue and Walnut Blvd has experienced delays due to wet weather and unforeseen complications with PG&E and SBC. Originally scheduled to be closed from April 1 to May 10, 2003, Pulte Homes requested an extension on the road closure to Friday, May 16. The current date for paving is May 8, 9 and 12, subject to SBC’s facilities relocation and the weather.

The current width of the two-lane Concord Avenue varies between 18 and 20 feet. The Caltrans standard lane width requirement is 12 feet, but plans are to widen each lane to 14 feet, bringing the total road width to 28 feet. This added width will allow more room for vehicles to pull off onto the shoulder in emergency situations.

Intersection improvements to install left turn lanes on Walnut Blvd at Concord Avenue have been delayed due to the need for PG&E to re-engineer their pole relocation design. Work began the first week of April, but is now scheduled for early May. SBC’s work will follow PG&E, with their facilities relocation scheduled to be finished the week of May 26.

These roadway improvements are under the jurisdiction of the Contra Costa County Public Works Department since it is outside the City limits. This project is required as a condition of project approval for the Pulte Homes/Summerset Tentative Subdivision Map 8089.

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