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*****Media Advisory*****
Press Release
City of Brentwood and CCWD Dedicate Water Treatment Plant

The City of Brentwood and Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) hosted a dedication ceremony today honoring an unprecedented partnership in building a water treatment plant to serve Brentwood.  The City and CCWD partnered to design, finance, build and operate the plant.

“The City of Brentwood proactively addressed its growing water demands through the partnership with CCWD,” said Mayor Robert Taylor.  “This facility provides a permanent water treatment solution for Brentwood residents.”
CCWD Board President, Joseph L. Campbell acknowledged “the successful teamwork between the City and CCWD facilitating completion four months ahead of schedule and within budget”.

The Water Treatment Plant uses proven conventional and state-of-the-art technologies to provide safe, high-quality drinking water to Brentwood residents. The new plant shares facilities and infrastructure with its neighbor, CCWD’s Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant. These measures reduce operational and construction costs and environmental impacts, while providing an efficient and reliable water treatment system.

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