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Press Release
Walnut Boulevard Phase I - Utilities

Phase I – Utilities of the Walnut Boulevard project from Balfour Road to Oak Street.

Unfortunately, due to several unforeseen and unknown underground utilities and obstructions that have been encountered during the course of construction, the project has been delayed for the winter months, and may well extend into spring 2007. Over the last three months, the City has been waiting for PG&E to relocate their facilities to avoid unforeseen conflicts (gas and electric services). Until such time as these facilities are relocated the City cannot complete the storm drainage system, as well as the completion of the street lighting, signal interconnect, and fiber optic system. It is estimated that the remaining utility improvements will commence early spring and require approximately six to eight weeks to complete. Again, this work cannot commence until utility company relocations are completed.

As the phase 1- utilities work is nearing completion, a phase II roadway widening project will be advertised for bid. This project will entail widening the roadway on Walnut Boulevard from Balfour Road to Oak Street to two (2) lanes in each direction, bike lanes, and landscaping. This project is expected to take approximately six (6) months to complete and is estimated to begin in late spring 2007. The intent is to complete the entire project by the end of the 2007 before the rainy season begins.

The City appreciates your patience in this process to upgrade our utility infrastructure and roadway system to better serve the needs of the City. The City has notified the local businesses and residents on Walnut Boulevard to update them on the progress of the project. The City will continue to provide access to all the businesses and residents during construction and make every effort to minimize the inconvenience to the residents and business customers.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact Ryan La Munyon, Construction Inspector, or Brian Bornstein, Sr. Associate Engineer, at (925) 516-5420 in the Public Works Department – Engineering Division.

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