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*****Media Advisory*****
Press Release
New Police Station Nears Construction

With the break in the weather, the City is moving forward with completing the off-site work on the new Police Station at the intersection of Central and Walnut Boulevards, including driveways, sidewalks and the storm drain system. The project also includes the installation of a traffic signal at that intersection. Once the electrical agreement has been received from PG&E, the system will be energized and tested. If all goes as planned, the off-site work should be complete by early March.

The design of the on-site portion of the project (the building and on-site improvements) is being fine-tuned. A prequalifcation package has been prepared in order to prequalify potential bidders and staff is now reviewing the submitted packages. This process should be complete by the end of the month and if all goes as planned, the project should be out to bid in March.

The design to link the new police facility with City Hall is approximately 60% complete. Once the plans reach the 95% completion mark, submittals will be made to Caltrans and the Union Pacific Railroad to obtain permits for the actual construction of the fiber optic conduit and "link" to City Hall.

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