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The City of Brentwood delivers water to more than 18,000 connections through approximately 172 miles of water mains.

Hydropneumatic Booster Pump Station
Hydropneumatic Booster Pump Station

The City of Brentwood utilizes ground water and surface water for its domestic water system. The ground water is pumped from the City’s nine ground water wells. Surface water originates from rivers within the Sierra Mountain Range that flows into the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers which form the Delta. The surface water is treated at the City of Brentwood Water Treatment Plant and the Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant.

The City's wells supply over 1.9 billion gallons of water each year. An additional 2.5 billion gallons are supplied from the City of Brentwood Water Treatment Plant and the Randall-Bold Water Treatment Plant. The City has multiple storage reservoirs located throughout the City. These reservoirs allow the storage of water during low demand periods for use during peak consumption by the City's water customers.

City of Brentwood Water Treatment Plant

The City's Water Division is staffed with qualified state-certified water operators who are responsible for the production and delivery of safe drinking water.The staff performs daily site checks to ensure well productivity, weekly sampling, as well as maintaining the delivery systems. To ensure that your water is in compliance with all state and federal drinking water standards, your water is tested weekly.

Additionally, state and federal laws require that we provide our customers with annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) that discloses whether or not all drinking water standards have been met. View all Water Reports.


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Abandoned shopping carts garbage / recycle service, graffiti, potholes, street lights, traffic, water leak, etc.

After Hours Water or Sewer Emergency contact Police Dispatch (925) 778-2441

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Key Personnel
Water Operations Manager
Eric Brennan

Water Production Supervisor
Richard Bloomfield

Water Distribution Supervisor
Gary Skym

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