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Pavement Management Program Overview

The City of Brentwood, like many agencies throughout California, is facing a monumental challenge maintaining our infrastructure. While Brentwood also has many new streets, it is important to invest in preventative maintenance of our streets that are still in good condition. An increased emphasis on preventative maintenance is vital to improving Brentwood’s overall pavement condition.

The Pavement Management Program is a systematic method for inspecting and rating the pavement condition in a given area. The system also performs a cost effectiveness analysis of various maintenance and rehabilitation strategies. Finally, the system prioritizes and recommends pavement rehabilitation and maintenance to maximize results within a given budget amount. Brentwood utilizes a program developed by Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). MTC is an association of bay area government entities, which includes the vast majority of the bay area cities and counties.

The City of Brentwood inspects it’s streets every 2-3 years. This is a requirement to receive Federal funding for streets. During the last inspection the City's pavement condition index (pci) was rated at 85%, which is a very good rating.

In general, pavement maintenance can include activities ranging from street sweeping and patching potholes to major street reconstruction. The purpose of a street preventative maintenance program is to greatly extend the useful life of pavement through the use of relatively inexpensive maintenance techniques. If streets are maintained in good condition the total annual maintenance investment is 5 to 7 times less than if the pavement is allowed to deteriorate to poor conditions. When the pavement has deteriorated to a complete failing condition, total reconstruction is 30 to 35 times the cost of preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance includes pothole patching, patching, crack sealing, fog sealing, slurry sealing and cape sealing. Pavement rehabilitation includes overlaying and reconstruction. The City Council has approved a Capital Improvement Budget of approximately 1.5 million dollars annually toward the Pavement Management Program. Additional funding is spent out of the Street Division annual budget for preventative maintenance. The annual Capital Improvement Program has additional funding for road projects and other internal improvements.

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