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Municipal Code 8.16 HEALTH AND SAFETY

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Section 8.16
8.16.010 Applicability of provisions.
8.16.020 Definitions and interpretation.
8.16.030 Collection restricted—Disposal of construction wastes—Wastes creating hazardous conditions.
8.16.040 Administration of collection service designated—Enforcement authority.
8.16.050 Collection service—Contract and bond required.
8.16.060 Collector—Duties and authorities designated.
8.16.070 Collector—Disposal of certain wastes.
8.16.080 Collector—Specifications for collection vehicle.
8.16.100 Receptacles required—Specifications, placement and collection.
8.16.120 Collection service—Rates, terms of operation and contract by resolution of the city council.
8.16.130 Nonpayment for service deemed unlawful.
8.16.140 Deposit and storage of garbage restricted.
8.16.150 Deposit of garbage within or near city prohibited.
8.16.160 Burying of garbage prohibited.
8.16.170 Violation an infraction—Penalty.
8.16.180 Notice of violation.
8.16.190 Abatement by health officer.
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