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Schedule an extra pick up

If you have extra garbage or extra recyclables or yard waste, please call five days in advance of your regular pick-up day to have the extra material collected. To arrange for this service call the City's Solid Waste Division at (925) 516-6090 or submit a Service Request.

The lids on garbage, recycling and yard waste carts must be closed to prevent spillage. If the lids are open because of overfilling, the carts will not be serviced.

An extra fee applies if a truck must return to service an overfilled cart.

If overfilling is a constant occurrence, you may need to increase your level of service with a larger cart. call the City's Solid Waste Division at (925) 516-6090 or submit a Service Request to upgrade your service.

Large Items
For items such as mattresses, water heaters or appliances that will not fit in your cart, call the Solide Waste Division at (925) 516-6090 or submit a service request to schedule an extra pickup. A fee will apply.

Hazardous Wastes
No hazardous wastes are allowed in garbage, recycling or yard waste carts.

Household hazardous wastes such as latex paint, motor oil, anti- freeze, electronic waste, and car batteries can be recycled at the Delta Diablo Sanitation District's Drop-off Center, 2500 Pittsburg-Antioch Hwy., Antioch. Call (925) 756-1990 or visit their website at for information about these and other toxic waste.

Your Bill for Garbage
Garbage charges are listed as a separate item on water bills. Those who do not receive water bills are invoiced separately.

Cart Identification
Each cart has a unique ID number on the front. Check it to be sure you are bringing in your own cart from the curb.

Replacement Carts
Call the Solid Waste Division at (925) 516-6090 or sumbit a service request to have damaged carts repaired or replaced.

The garbage, recycling and yard waste carts belong to the City. If you are moving, Please call Utility Billing at (925) 516-5415 to cancel your service and schedule your last pick up day.

Collection Schedule
Garbage is collected every week. Recyclables and yard waste are collected on the same day as garbage but on alternating weeks You can view the Recycle Calendar here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Request
Report a Problem

Abandoned shopping carts garbage / recycle service, graffiti, potholes, street lights, traffic, water leak, etc.

After Hours Water or Sewer Emergency contact Police Dispatch (925) 778-2441

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