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Traffic Engineering is responsible for the safe, efficient and environmentally compatible movement of people and goods on the streets, highways and transit systems in the City of Brentwood. The City of Brentwood takes our role in solving traffic problems very seriously, yet the ultimate burden of safety rests with you, the motorists and citizens of Brentwood. We receive numerous citizen requests per year and try to investigate your request as quickly as the volume of requests allows. We will respond after carefully evaluating your request and do our best to keep you updated during the process.

Because we wish to serve the citizens of Brentwood in a timely manner, if you have questions, requests or suggestions concerning traffic, please contact the Engineering Division at (925) 516-5420, submit an on-line service request,  or feel free to e-mail us at

Traffic Signal, Fairview Ave. at Gladstone

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Traffic Engineering

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Traffic Engineering

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Abandoned shopping carts garbage / recycle service, graffiti, potholes, street lights, traffic, water leak, etc.

After Hours Water or Sewer Emergency contact Police Dispatch (925) 778-2441

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Steve Kersevan, P.E.

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