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What do you mean, "I can protect my watershed"?

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The health of our watersheds directly impacts the health of the people and wildlife that live within them. Together we can make a difference

A watershed is all the land in a region from which rain collects and drains into a common creek, river, lake, or bay. Watersheds are bounded by the ridges of hills and mountains that direct the drainage. Many small watersheds make up larger watersheds.

In urban areas, water from both rain and urban runoff often flows into man made flood control structures such as channels and stromdrains. Water that leaves our county drains into the Delta, Suisun, and San Francisco Bays, and eventually the Pacific Ocean.

Do you know which Watershed you live in?
Contra Costa's major Watersheds: Contra Costa County is shown in green above. The major watersheds in the County are outlines in white and numbered in red with their names listed below. (Note: Some watersheds share parent of their boundaries with Alameda County.)
1. Alamo and Tassajara 9. East Antioch 17. Mt. Diablo 25. San Ramon
2. Alhambra 10. East County Delta Drainages 18. Peyton 26. South San Ramon
3. Baxter 11. Garrity 19. Pine and Galindo 27. Upper Marsh
4. Brushy 12. Grayson and Murderer's 20. Pinole 28. Upper San Leandro and Moraga
5. Carquinez Strait Drainages 13. Kellogg 21. Refugio 29. West Richmond Area
6. Cayetano 14. Kirker 22. Rheem 30. West Antioch
7. Cerrito 15. Los Trampas 23. Rodeo 31. Wildcat
8. Concord 16. Lower Marsh 24. San Pablo 32. Willow
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After Hours Water or Sewer Emergency contact Police Dispatch (925) 778-2441

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