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In 1972, The Federal Water Pollution and Control Act was enacted. In 1987, it was amended and is currently known as the Clean Water Act (CWA). In accordance with CWA amendments, regulations require municipalities to obtain permits which outline programs and activities to control surface storm water pollution. To comply with these regulations, Contra Costa County, the Contra Costa Flood Control & Water Conservation District and nineteen incorporated cities, including the City of Brentwood, combine resources through the Contra Costa Clean Water Program (CCCWP). The CCCWP is dedicated to maintaining a healthy environment in Contra Costa’s creeks and rivers, the San Joaquin Delta, and the San Francisco and San Pablo Bays by striving to eliminate storm water pollution through public education, inspection, enforcement and industrial outreach.

The goal of the City of Brentwood’s Storm Water Management Program is to reduce non-storm water and tainted storm water discharges into the City’s storm drain system, which includes Marsh Creek as a major tributary to the San Joaquin Delta.

The City of Brentwood formally adopted Storm Water Management and Discharge Control Ordinance (No. 793) on January 11, 2005, which amends existing Chapter 14.20 of Title 14 of the Brentwood Municipal Code. This ordinance requires the submittal of a Storm Water Control Plan, prepared in accordance with criteria in the Program’s Storm water C.3 Guidebook, with the application for approval of any development project subject to C.3. requirements.

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Illicit Discharge
  Control Activities Plan
  Enforcement Procedure

  Commercial/Industrial Stormwater Discharge Inspection Plan
  Violation Correction Procedure

Development/Construction Project
  Guidance to Municipalities
  C.3 Guidebook
  Appendix A - Local Exceptions
  Construction BMP Checklist

  Stormwater Management No. 793
  Construction and Debris No. 754

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