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 Tree Information

Tree Information

American Forest - You can be a part of one of the biggest, most effective environmental movements in the United States and around the world. Planting trees in our Global ReLeaf Projects helps the environment for generations to come.
Utilizing Muni Trees - Ideas from across the country.
29 Reasons for Planting Trees - Compiled from various sources by Glenn Roloff, USDA Forest Service.
Benefits of Trees In Urban Areas - This compilation includes extensive research citations provided by the Colorado Tree Coalition.
California Oak Foundation - You'll find a page titled Oak Tree Care.

Urban Tree Foundation - California communities and non-profit organizations currently engaged in tree planting activities are highly encouraged to visit the following website of the Urban Tree Foundation:

California Urban Forest Council - California Urban Forest Council is to be a leader in developing and promoting the proper planning, care, and management, as well as the perpetuation of substainable urban and community forest that maximize the quality of life for every Californian.
Urban Forest Guidelines - A Document to specify Street Tree Species, Planting Locations, and Future Maintenance for the City of Brentwood.
Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute - The trees listed in this resource are meant to create an awareness of the great variety of trees that will grow in California, and to encourage people to think about planting a greater variety of trees. Users should be aware that some trees listed are not readily available and may actually be difficult to find. Information may be available by contacting your local nurseries, arboretums, universities, or city tree group or garden club.
Why Does My Tree Drip Sap?
This year you may have noticed “sticky stuff” raining down from your tree in the late summer months. This nuisance is caused by aphids and makes your tree’s leaves very shiny and sticky. Certain species of trees, such as Chinese Hackberry, Red Oak, Tulip, and Crape Myrtle, are just some of the offenders and are more susceptible to aphids than others. You can hire a tree or landscape professional to inject the tree’s root system with a systemic insecticide or you can buy a ground soak-type application of it from your local hardware store. These applications are best performed in late winter/early spring. Systemic pesticide application is a preferred method over spraying because it doesn’t affect any of your beneficial insects; it only eliminates the aphids that feed on your tree.

For more information: Aaron Wanden (925) 516-5444
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