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Brentwood Skate Park Rules

1. All users shall wear well maintained commercially manufactured helmets, knee and elbow pads, that are securely fastened at all times. Bicycle and skate helmets must meet certification standards. Failure to properly wear equipment will result in loss of park privileges. Equipment is not available for loan or rent. (BMC 7.02.170)

2. Skateboards, in-line skates, and BMX style street, non-motorized bicycles only. No scooters allowed. No mountain bikes, tandem, 10 speeds, trail or other types of bikes are allowed.

3. BMX bikes must have handlebars with rubber end caps or grips that cover the end of the bars. Pedals must be plastic. Pegs may be used as long as they are plastic.

4. Protect the Skate/BMX Bike Park – vandalism, graffiti, and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Use of profanity is not permitted. Park will be subject to closure should incidents occur.

5. Skate/BMX Bike Park hours are posted and shall be obeyed.

6. All users shall place trash in receptacles provided. No glass, food or drink allowed in skate area.

7. Additional obstacles or other materials (ramps, jumps, etc.) are not allowed in the Skate/BMX Bike Park.

8. All organized events or formal contests shall have prior written approval from the City.

9. No drugs, alcohol or smoking allowed.

10. Spectators are not allowed in the bowls or on other skating features. Spectators should remain close to the fence or at the picnic tables and not interfere with skating or biking.

11. Bikes and skateboards not in use should remain along the fence or at the picnic areas.

• Do not use facility if a hazardous condition exists. Report any damage, vandalism or hazardous condition to the City (516-5444).

• The City reserves the right to remove any person from the facility if he/she is acting in an inappropriate manner or is disobeying the rules.

• Violators of these rules are subject to citation, which may include permanent expulsion from the facility.

• BMX bicycling in the Skate/BMX Bike Park may be considered a “hazardous recreational activity” under Government Code 831.7 and persons participating in this activity are voluntary assuming all risks, known and unknown, associated with it.

• Any use of this facility is at your own risk.
• The City of Brentwood does not assume any responsibility for injury or theft.
• This facility is under 24-hour recorded video surveillance.
• In case of emergency dial 911.
• For non-emergency assistance, call the Brentwood Police Department dispatch at 778-2441.
• Trespassers are subject to arrest.
• City of Brentwood Ordinance No. 673

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