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 Playport - Passport to Fun

Hurry, hustle, stress and bustle. Does this sound like your morning, your week and your life?! We are all so busy these days, we have forgotten how to slow down and unplug. We need to stop, take a deep breath, travel in our minds to our “happy place” and simply relax..

How long has it been since you actually were in your “happy place”? Maybe it’s time to make some new “places.”

Playport to Fun!
Your travel through Brentwood can help you and your family create new happy experiences without leaving Brentwood! Each week throughout the summer, one of Brentwood’s 58 parks will be featured on our website at, choose Parks and Recreation Department, Playport to Fun! You will be able to download games, activity sheets, picnic ideas, recipes, fun facts, healthy tips and summer challenges. Four special dates have been selected where staff will host special themed activities. So, join us as we travel through Brentwood and find your “happy place.”

* Wednesday, June 8 Veterans Park 6 - 8 pm
  Week of June 12 Sunset Park  
  Week of June 19 Kaleidoscope Park  
  Week of June 26 Walnut Park  
  Week of July 3 Apple Hill Park  
* Friday, July 8 Heron Park 3 - 5 pm
  Week of July 17 Blue Goose Park  
  Week of July 24 Granville Green Park  
  Week of July 31 Palamino Park  
  Week of August 7 Balfour Guthrie Park  
* Saturday, August 13 King Park 9 - 11 am
  Week of August 21 McClarren Park  
  Week of August 28 Marsh Creek Trail  
    Miwok Trail  
    Mokelumne Trail  
    Sand Creek Trail  
  Week of September 4 Caboose Park  
  Week of September 11 Summerwood Park  
* Saturday, September 24 Veterans park 2 - 4 pm
* Staffed Events
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Upcoming Events:

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