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Where can I learn about the growing season here in Brentwood?
Check out this site to learn more

What do I need to do to replace a tree in front of my home in the planter strip?
The Parks and Recreation Department (516.5444) will make an inspection to determine if the tree needs to be replaced. If tree deems replacement, a no-fee encroachment permit can be obtained from the Engineering Department (516.5420) for the removal of tree and installation of new tree. The tree must be replaced with a City approved tree. The Parks and Recreation Department can supply you with a list. After replacement, the city will make a final inspection.

I want to enroll all my children in classes at the same time. For scheduling purposes, should I enroll a child in a class that is above their skill level?
Instructors cannot allow a child to participate in a class above their skill level.

Is it necessary for me to pay for class at the time of telephone registration,or can I send a check?
Yes, it is necessary to pay for the class at time of registration on the telephone by credit card. We cannot hold a spot for customers without payment.

Who is considered to be a Brentwood resident?
A resident is anyone who lives within the city limits of Brentwood.

What are the hours at the Los Vaqueros Reservoir?
Contra Costa Water District maintains the reservoir. They can be reached at (925) 688-5800.

Why do non-residents pay more for classes than Brentwood residents?
There are two reasons. Brentwood residents pay a parcel tax for maintenance of facilities and residents also pay 3 cents of every property tax dollar for Parks and Recreation programs.

Does the City of Brentwood offer annual flu shots?
The City of Brentwood does not provide flu shots however Contra Costa Public Health Services will provide shots to eligible individuals, usually once in the fall, at the Brentwood Community Center. For specific information, please contact the CC Public Health Services Immunization Hotline at 1-800-246-2494 or the CC Public Health Services office at (925) 313-6767.

Do I need a permit to replace the trees in my yard?
You will need a permit to replace the trees that are located within the City right-of-way between curb and sidewalk. Engineering will review for site distance requirements and issuing a permit and Parks & Recreation will recommend the type of tree that may be planted to comply with approved street trees .

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