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The Brentwood Police Department offers online report submission for certain crimes and incidents. The types of reports you may report online are: petty theft (theft with a loss less than $950), grand theft (theft with a loss of $950 or more), vandalism, lost property, hit and run, identity theft (outside the city limits) and annoying phone calls.

Vacation Watch requests can now be made online where you can report an absence from your residence or business notifying the police department to provide extra patrols when available.

The crime you are reporting must meet certain guidelines which include: the person must be the victim; the crime/incident must have occurred within the city limits of Brentwood; and there must not be any suspect information. The two exceptions to this rule is the reporting of Identity Theft. Identity Theft occurring outside the city limits can be reported online and any Identity Theft occurring within the city limits must be reported to an officer. The other exception is theft of any firearm must be reported to an officer.

The forms that follow are designed to ensure the report you are submitting meets the above guidelines. Once your online report has been received, we will assign it to the shift supervisor. He or she will review your report. If your report is approved you will be provided with an official case number via email. Please provide the best phone number if we need to contact you. If your report does not meet these guidelines, please call our communication center at (925) 778-2441 and an officer will be dispatched to take a report from you.


Online reporting guidelines:
   Click on the report you want to make
  • Petty Theft (PC 484 (a)/ 488/ 490) or Grand Theft (PC 487)
    Petty theft is the theft of property with a fair market value less than $950. Grand theft is the theft of property with a fair market value of $950 or more. We will accept online reports of petty and grand theft where there is no suspect information, no known witnesses, and no other information that would help us solve the crime. Please note that regardless of value, the theft of any firearm or entries into locked automobiles (burglary) do not qualify.
  • Vandalism (PC 594 (a) 1-3)
    Vandalism is generally defined as the deliberate damaging, destruction, or defacing of property, including tagging, egging, and graffiti.   We will accept online reports of vandalism where the damage does not exceed $400, and where there is no suspect information, no known witnesses, and no other information that would help us solve the crime.
  • Lost Property
    Lost property is defined as property that is discovered missing, with no evidence that the loss is a result of a theft.  We will accept reports of lost property even when the date, time, and exact location of the loss is not known.
  • Annoying Phone Calls (PC 653(m))
    Annoying phone calls are generally described as any calls received (either live or on an answering machine) where the caller does not identify himself, or, when the caller makes any obscene or threatening statements.  Repeated calls from creditors do not fall within this classification, nor do calls from aggressive telemarketers or ex-spouses; however, there is other relief under the law for these kinds of cases you may call us about. The most common kind of phone call complaints received are the simple ring-hang-up calls where the caller says nothing, and a case number is required by the phone company before they will trap the call.  Note that it is quite possible that with repeated calls, especially if you hear a modem-like tone when you answer, it may just be a misdirected computer.  You may be able to get the matter resolved by just calling the Pacific Bell Consumer Complaint Line directly.
  • Hit and Run (VC 20002a)
    Damage caused by another vehicle in which the driver should have left information or fled the scene without stopping to exchange information. We will accept online reports of hit and run when there is no suspect information; there was property damage only and the unknown responsible left the scene without providing required license, insurance or vehicle information.
  • Identity Theft (PC 530.6)
    When someone obtains personal ID for an unlawful purpose including obtaining or attempting to obtain, credit, goods, services or information without the other persons consent. We will accept online reports when the identity theft occurred outside our city limits. All other Identity thefts must be reported to an officer.
  • Vacation Watch
    When someone plans on being away from their residence or business for an extended period of time and no one will be staying at the residence or business a Vacation Watch report can be filed requesting extra police patrols which will be provided when available.

    ** Note:  Specific, credible, and personal threats made to you, or your family are entirely different, and are much more serious crimes, and you need to call us immediately.


Helpful Hints for Online Reporters:

"Just the facts"  Just report to us what you personally saw, or know.  This is not the place for speculation, opinions, or conclusions.   Remember, if you have any idea who did the crime, or there are any witnesses, you need to call us or come to the station.

Details do matter.  If you can locate model and serial numbers for your lost or stolen property, we can enter it in the national databases as such.   Where called for, estimate as best you can the fair market value for the property, or the dollar amount of damage done.

Go with the form.  We've provided all the allowable choices in the drop-downs and outlines.  If it doesn't fit, then you cannot report it online.  Certain fields are mandatory entries that require input before we can file the form.

Gives us some time.  Shift supervisors are given calls in order of priority. They will be given your report in priority order and will notify you if your report has been accepted and what the case number is normally within a few hours. Depending on other calls we may be handling, this time may be extended. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends, contact the Brentwood Police Department during business hours at 925-634-6911, request to speak to the shift supervisor and inquire about the status of your report. Please specify that you submitted an online report.

You are still responsible for making sure whatever you report to us, whether by phone, in person, or online is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Filing a false police report is a crime.

If it just isn't working for you, you can always call us at (925) 778-2441.   We'll have an officer come to your home.

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