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Field Training

A good "Training Program" is the cornerstone of a police department's quality of performance.  The most important step in the Training Program is the "In-Service Training"  that is given to the new Officers by their Field Training Officers during their first 12 to 14 weeks of service.  The Brentwood Police Department, in keeping with the stringent levels of performance requirements. strives to maintain the highest standards of professionalism.  The Training Staff spent hundreds of hours collecting information and writing the current Field Training Program before the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training certified it for use.  The Field Training Program has to be continually monitored and updated to make sure that our high training standards are achieved and maintained.

The Brentwood Police Department's Field Training Program has been designed and implemented to achieve the following objective:

  1. To produce highly trained positively motivated Police Officers capable of meeting or exceeding standards of performance required by the Brentwood Police Department.
  2. To provide equal and standardized training to all newly hired Police Officers.
  3. To build on the foundation of knowledge given at the Police Academy or from their past experience with another law enforcement agency, thereby creating an environment in which new officers may develop and increase their skills.
  4. To supplement the Department's screening process by providing on-the-job observation of each recruit's performance.
  5. To establish an appraisal system that is valid and job-related, utilizing a standardized and systematic approach to the documented measurement of a probationary officer's performance.
  6. To ultimately increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the department by enhancing the climate of professionalism and competency demanded by the ethical standards of law enforcement.

The Brentwood Police Department administration and training staff is fully committed to the tenets of this program, and gives full support to the Field Training Program, which is absolutely necessary for the successful achievement of the Department's stated goals.

Sergeant Eric Wernholm
Field Training Program
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