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What is the Health & Safety Grant Program?
Based on available funding through the Brentwood Redevelopment Agency, the Health & Safety Grant Program for Homeowners provides Income-qualified homeowners with a one-time grant, up to $6,000 for minor repairs to their home. The purpose of the Program is to provide funds for home repairs to correct a condition that is detrimental or a threat to life, health, or safety, and to correct building code violations and disabled inaccessibility, which without the repair or replacement, would create an unsafe or hazardous situation for the occupants. Funds are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Am I Eligible?
  • The homeowner must qualify as a very-low or low-income household
  • The home must be located within the city limits of Brentwood.
  • The home must be the principal residence of the homeowner.
  • Residence cannot be for sale.

Why are only very-low and low income homeowners eligible?
Agency Board limits eligibility to very-low and low-income households based on the State Department of Housing and Community Development Income Guidelines.

What are some examples of Eligible Repairs?
  • Air conditioning/Heating units
  • Roofing repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Handicap access & safety devices
  • Inadequate fire protection equipment
  • Replacement of hot water heaters
  • Weatherization

What is the application process?
  • Contact the Brentwood Redevelopment Agency for an initial screening and determination of eligibility.
  • An application shall be completed and returned to the Brentwood Redevelopment Agency, 104 Oak Street, Brentwood, CA  94513. Redevelopment Agency staff can assist in completing the application on behalf of homeowners when needed.
  • The homeowner shall provide all requested documentation listed in the application to verify eligibility for Program.
  • Application will be reviewed by staff and applicant will be notified of decision and next steps if application is approved.

What neighborhoods are eligible for assistance?
All neighborhoods located within the City of Brentwood limits are eligible, but each homeowner must qualify to participate.

Who determines what work needs to be done or can be done?
Once the homeowner has been income-qualified, and the application has been approved the Program staff will arrange to inspect the home and develop a cost estimate for the required work. The Health & Safety Grant Program focuses on emergency and urgent repairs. This program is not intended to repair all substandard conditions in a home. The program addresses potential conditions and code violations that may make a home uninhabitable or unsafe if not addressed. The program also concentrates on handicap access and the installation of handicap safety devices.

What if repairs cost more than the grant amount?
If the emergency repairs cost more than the available funds, the homeowner will be required to fund the difference. In cases where a home is in need of general rehabilitation above and beyond the parameters of this Program, referrals will be made to the Contra Costa County Neighborhood Preservation Program for consideration of a low-interest or deferred payment loan for major and minor rehabilitation needs.

Who does the work and how are they selected?
The Agency maintains a list of pre-qualified and insured contractors. The Agency will solicit price quotes from this list of contractors and the Agency will enter into a contract with the selected contractor.

How often can I apply for a grant?
The maximum grant amount for any single household is $5,000 in a single fiscal year, not to exceed $10,000 over a 5-year period.

Is a warranty provided for the work completed?
The contractor must guarantee all work, materials, and workmanship for a minimum of one year from the date of inspection by the City Building Inspector. Where materials or subcontracted work are covered by an extended warranty, copies of the warranty must be provided to the owner during project closeout. The owner shall thereafter make requests for warranty repairs in writing to the contractor.

Must I have homeowners insurance to qualify for the program?

Will the Agency place a lien on my house equal to the Grant Amount?
No. There are no liens required for participation in this program.

What additional documentation is required?
  • Photo identification.
  • Verification of all household income for persons over age 18.

If I want to apply for a loan for the rehabilitation of my home who should I contact?
Contra Costa County operates the Neighborhood Preservation Program to provide low-interest and 0% interest loans to very-low and low-income homeowners to help improve and repair their homes. For additional information contact Pat Corum, Contra Costa County Neighborhood Preservation Program at 925-335-1137.

How can I make my home more energy efficient?
Contra Costa County also offers a Weatherization Program. The Weatherization Program (WP) is a Federal and State funded program whose purpose is to assist low and/or fixed income people in making their homes more energy efficient. The program is available regardless of whether you own or rent, live in a house, apartment, or a mobile home. Free weatherization home improvements include, but are not limited to: weather-stripping, attic insulation, water heater blanket, broken glass repairs, caulking, ceiling fans, etc. For more information contact the Contra Costa County Building Inspection Department at (925) 335-1116.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?
Contact Peggy Trudell, Senior Community Development Specialist at 925-516-5187 or email to

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