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Rental Property Inspection Program

On April 22, 2008, the Brentwood City Council passed an ordinance to establish a periodic rental property inspection for residential housing. It is intended to encourage owners of residential rental units to maintain their properties in order to preserve existing housing stock and create an atmosphere that affords all residents a safe and comfortable place to live. The ordinance will ensure the proper maintenance of residential rental housing and prevent situations that could adversely affect the quality of life in the City.

With the Rental Inspection Program, the exterior of each rental unit in the City of Brentwood will be inspected by Code Enforcement staff at least once every two years. The inspection program began on July 1, 2008.

A letter is sent to all Brentwood property owners whose property may be subject to this requirement. Through our review of various public records, properties are identified as possible rentals subject to the requirements of the Rental Property Inspection Ordinance. If you have received a letter or notice, you are required to respond within the specified timeline listed on the letter or notice, you must submit either the Property Verification Form or the Business Tax Certificate Application-Rental. City ordinance requires any person who carries on business in the City of Brentwood (including rentals and leases) to obtain a business tax certificate. While the Business Tax Ordinance has existed for since 2002, the new ordinance (Rental Property Inspection) will help us identify this business activity and allow us to proactively enforce the business tax.

Please link here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions, including phone numbers to call for further information.

For additional information regarding the Business Tax Certificate and associated fees, please link here “Business License

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