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Why did I receive this letter for my property?
According to our research of public records, this property may be a rental and subject to the requirements of this ordinance.

How did you get my name/address?
From a variety of sources including the Contra Costa County tax records.

How does the city know my property is a rental?
Information obtained through our review of public records indicates that this property may be rented and thus subject to the requirements of this ordinance.

I’m already paying income taxes on the rental income, how can you tax me again?
The City of Brentwood ordinance requires payment of a business tax if one is conducting business in the City of Brentwood. This includes the business activity of rental or leasing of property.

The rent I earn on this property doesn’t cover my mortgage or expenses. Am I still required to pay a business license tax when I’m not really making any money?
Yes, the business tax for the City of Brentwood Business Tax Certificate is assessed on gross receipts earned before deducting expenses. The Business Tax to be paid should be based on the gross rental income on the property.

How is the business license money being used?
The business license fee is general fund revenue which is used to fund such vital services as police and code enforcement.

Is this business tax new?
The business license ordinance is not new; it has been in place since 2002. The Business License Tax ordinance, Measure D, approved by voters on November 5, 2002, requires payment of a business tax if one is conducting business in the City of Brentwood. This includes the business activity of “renting or leasing”. The rental inspection program has allowed us to identify rented properties and proactively enforce the business tax requirement.

What are you doing about the abandoned/foreclosed properties or bank owned properties which are not being maintained?
The City of Brentwood has a Property Maintenance Ordinance which requires all properties to be maintained. Code Enforcement handles all complaints for properties not being maintained. If you would like to file a complaint, click on this link

How can the city just decide to do this without any input from the community?
The issue of the maintenance of rented properties was first discussed in a neighborhood committee meeting where community members expressed their concern regarding the maintenance of rental properties, absentee landlords and the impact on the value of the surrounding properties. This rental inspection program was discussed at the Neighborhood Improvement Sub-Committee meetings between March 2007 and March 2008.

The ordinance was first reviewed by the City Council in a public meeting on April 8, 2008 and was passed by the City Council on April 22, 2008. Notice to the community was provided by publication in the Brentwood Press on April 11th and April 25th.

The rental inspection program is a way of insuring the property owners who are renting their property are also maintaining the property.

I have other questions regarding this program and/or requirement, who can I call?
-For information about the rental inspection program, please call 925-516-5405 -For information about the business tax certificate, please call 925-516-5480.

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