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Code Enforcement
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Code Tips

The City of Brentwood has certain codes (laws) that can help keep your neighborhood both safe and attractive; currently the City of Brentwood has codes for dealing with the following:


Garbage/recycle container storage:
Garbage and recycling containers must be screened from public view (ie behind the fence). Carts should not be placed in the street earlier than 24 hours before the collection and should be removed no later than 24 hours after collection.

Inoperable vehicles:
Vehicles can be parked in the driveway, but must be in running condition. If they are inoperable, you may be asked to remove them or store them inside the garage. The City of Brentwood offers a free towing service for vehicles that residents wish to relinquish, a pink slip is required.

Recreational vehicles, boat and trailer storage:
Recreational vehicles, boats and trailers must be stored behind a solid 6 foot fence in the side or rear yard to screen them from public view.

Boat Trailer

Building Permits:
Building permits are required for accessory structures, such as patio covers and arbors. Any building or structure cannot be repaired, altered, converted or demolished unless a permit has first been issued.
Contact Building Division (925) 516-5405.

A sign permit is required for all permanent signage, prior to installation. Banners and promotional displays require a temporary use permit.
Contact Planning Division (925) 516-5405.

Storm water/illegal discharge:
Only rain water can be discharged into the storm drain. Paint, concrete, chlorinated water and other materials, including landscape materials cannot be washed into the gutter and storm drain.

Contact Police Department at (925) 778-2441

Home Operated Business:
You may operate certain types of businesses out of your home, however you must secure a home occupation permit from the Planning Division to insure your business is not in violation of zoning requirements and does not adversely impact your neighborhood. (i.e. No employee may report to the home and no exterior signage may be displayed.) Contact Finance at (925) 516-5480 to obtain a Business License.

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