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Creating the Vision for Brentwood Boulevard

A traditional American boulevard with distinctive buildings facing the boulevard including comfortable walkways and generous landscaping to provide an active, inviting, and attractive location for residents, workers, and visitors.

Brentwood Boulevard is an important corridor in the City of Brentwood and currently serves as State Route 4.

By the end of 2011, it is anticipated that the SR 4 Bypass will become fully operational on the west side of Brentwood. Once this occurs, CalTrans will relinquish Brentwood Boulevard to the City. In anticipation of this event, the City is preparing a Specific Plan for Brentwood Boulevard to plan for the future land uses and infrastructure needs of this corridor.


The City is proposing to revitalize and encourage new development along an approximately two-mile portion of the Brentwood Boulevard (State Route 4) corridor from Delta Road on the north to Second Street on the south, consisting of approximately 315 acres.

The Specific Plan establishes a framework to guide development and improvements for the area over several decades. The Specific Plan creates long-term opportunities for change as the corridor transitions from an auto-oriented rural State Route to a local arterial roadway with enhanced facilities for auto drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders. The Specific Plan includes a range of uses, including commercial, office, industrial, residential, mixed-use, and parks/open space.

A draft plan and Environmental Impact Report was prepared in 2008, but are in the process of being revised to address concerns that were raised about the flexibility of the plan.

Public Review
Notice of Determination
Adopted Specific Plan - March 27, 2012
Draft Specific Plan - March 2012
Draft Specific Plan - February 2012
Draft Specific Plan - October 2011
Notice of Availability
Recirculated Draft EIR
Appendices D-F
Appendices G-L

Final EIR


CC Meeting 3/27/12

Meeting Notice
Staff Report
PC Meeting 3/6/12
Staff Report
PC Meeting 2/7/12
Meeting Notice
Staff Report
PC Meeting 7/19/11
Meeting Notice
Staff Report
Public Meeting 4/19/11
Meeting Notice
Council Workshop 2/8/11
Staff Report
Special Meeting of the Land Use and Development Committee - Agenda Information
Planning Commission Workshop Minutes
Planning Commission Workshop Staff Report


Draft Specific Plan
Technical Appendices
Draft Environmental Impact Report
Notice of Preparation for the Plan's Environmental Impact Report
Joint Workshop – Planning Commission and the City Council
Staff Report
Joint Workshop – Planning Commission and the City Council
Questions and Answers
Preguntas y respuestas
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We'd like to hear from you. Tell us what you like about the Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan, what concerns you have about it and what you'd like to see occur along Brentwood Boulevard. Your comments will be forwarded to the City’s planning staff.

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For more information on the Specific Plan and DEIR, workshops or other questions pertaining to the Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan, please contact Erik Nolthenius, Principal Planner at (925) 516-5137 or via email at

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