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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register to Vote?
Pick up a self registration form at the City Hall Offices, 150 City Park Way or register online at

Who may complete a Voters Registration Form?
Anyone who is:

  • A citizen of the United States;
  • A resident of Contra Costa County
  • Is or will be 18 years of age or older by the next election;
  • Is not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction

Who should complete a Voters Registration Form?
Anyone who meets the above criteria and:

  • Is not now registered in the County;
  • Has changed his/her place of residence since registering;
  • Wishes to change his/her political party; or
  • Has changed his/her name since last registering.

When must I register so I can vote in the next election?
You must be register 15-days before the date of the election.

How do I get proof of Voter Registration?
The City Clerk's Office issues transcripts certifying voter registration for $5.00 each. Contact the City Clerk's Office and the following information: Full name, address, place and date of birth. If you are not currently a registered voter, complete a voter registration form, submit it to the City Clerk, and a transcript will be prepared for you.

When can I put up signs and what are the requirements?

Brentwood Municipal Code Chapter 17.640 regulates signs on private property. Listed below are selected sections of that chapter which apply to signs displayed during an election period. Political signs are not allowed on public property, including in the public right-of-way. Any questions regarding the display of political signs should be directed to the Community Development Department at (925) 516-5405 or

17.640.005 Signs allowed without sign permits—Nonresidential land uses.

M. In addition to the sign area otherwise allowed and subject to message substitution, temporary signs displaying only protected non-commercial messages may be displayed at all times and on all properties, subject to the property owner’s consent and a maximum sign copy area of sixteen square feet. The signs allowed by this provision may not be illuminated, may not be activated by natural or mechanical wind or air, and may not interfere with the visibility triangle.

17.640.006 Signs allowed without sign permits—Residential land uses.

A. General.

1. At all times, individual residential dwelling units may display signs with a cumulative sign area which does not exceed sixteen square feet, with an individual sign area of no more than eight square feet. Name plates, address indicators and flags do not count toward this maximum area limit. This maximum display area may be used for any combination of the following:

a. Non-commercial messages.

Signs displayed that are not in compliance with the City’s Municipal Code may be abated. Code Enforcement staff can be reached at (925) 516-5405 or to retrieve abated.

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