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Election June 2005

Notice of Election -

  • Brentwood residents must be registered to vote by May 23, 2005 to be eligible to vote in the June 7, 2005 special election. Voter registration forms are available in the City Clerk's Office.
  • Polls are open 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Election Day, Tuesday, June 7, 2005.
  • One Council Member positions is open, to fill an unexpired vacany term ending November 2008.
Important Dates to Remember for Voters
May 23, 2005 Last day to register to Vote
May 9, 2005 First date to request absentee ballot
May 31, 2005 Last date to request absentee ballot
June 7, 2005 Election Day

Nominees For Public Office
Notice is hereby given that the following persons have been nominated for the offices herein mentioned to be filled at the Special Election to be held in the City of Brentwood on the 7th day of June, 2005:

City Council Member Vote for One

Charles H. Handwork
Christopher Becnel
Robert Brockman
Richard G. Bates Jr


JUNE 7, 2005

Filing dates for the Special Election are as follows: (84200.7, 84200.8 Gov C)
Filing Deadline
Type of Statement
Period Covered by Statement1/
Method of Delivery
April 28, 2005
1/1/05 – 4/23/05
Personal Delivery
First Class Mail
May 26, 2005
4/24/05 – 5/21/05
Personal Delivery
Guaranteed Overnight Service
June 3, 2005
Additional Pre-Election per Ordinance No. 780
5/22/05 – 5/31/05
Personal Delivery
Guaranteed Overnight Service
Within 24 Hours
Late Contributions 2/ and Independent Expenditures of $250 or more 3/
5/22/05 – 6/6/05
Personal Delivery
Guaranteed Overnight Service
July 31, 2005
6/1/05 – 6/30/05
Personal Delivery
First Class Mail


Additional Notes:

1/ The period covered by any statement begins on the day after the closing date of the last statement filed, or January 1, if no previous statement has been filed.

  • If Independent expenditures of $1,000 or more are made in connection with the election, call the FPPC for information on filing reports.

2/ The recipient of a late in-kind contribution must file a late contribution report within 48 hours from the time the in-kind contribution is received.

  • There is no provision in the law for an extension of a filing deadline. Late statements are subject to a $10 per day late fine.

3/ A controlled committee of a candidate may not make an independent expenditure to support or oppose another candidate.

  • Refer to appropriate campaign disclosure manuals to determine where to file campaign statements.
  • All statements are public documents.
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