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Meeting Date: August 12, 2003

Subject/Title: Discussion and direction to Staff regarding another Study Area for investigation to site a potential retail/parking structure. (H. Sword/G. Rozenski)

Submitted by: Gina Rozenski, Redevelopment Manager

Approved by: John Stevenson, Executive Director

Staff requests the Agency members engage in discussion and provide direction to Staff regarding another Study Area for investigation to site a potential retail/parking structure.

The study of a potential retail/parking structure started with five potential sites. Early in the process, and upon the recommendation of the Redevelopment Subcommittee, the Agency eliminated two of the five potential sites from investigation. Of the three remaining potential sites, one site was eliminated from further study when the Agency and Planning Commission agreed to pursue only full-block parking structure options. At this time, Study Area 1 and Study Area 2 are being investigated. (Please refer to attached map.)

The April 2003 Strategies and Programs for a Vital Town Center prepared by Gruen Gruen + Associates recommended the northerly expansion of the Downtown District. To facilitate this, the re-use of strategic properties along First Street is critical to link and expand the four-block core Downtown to the north.

Kathrin Moore of FTB, the City’s Specific Plan consultant, has suggested another potential site for consideration for the retail/parking structure, which staff has labeled Study Area 6 (please refer to attached map). There are two reasons for FTB’s suggestion: 1) it facilitates the Gruen’s recommendation for re-tenanting and re-using First Street properties as a catalyst for the northerly expansion of Downtown, and 2) Study Area 6 is centrally located at the corner of “Main and Main” in the Downtown.

Study Area 6 is the same size as Study Areas 1 and 2, and therefore could accommodate a full-block parking structure. The existing uses in Study Area 6 include the Veteran’s Hall, fire station, and eleven businesses. The businesses include restaurants, apparel stores, offices and services, and a salon. No land assemblage costs (acquisition, relocation, etc.) have been estimated for Study Area 6.

Should the Agency desire to include Study Area 6 in the investigation of a retail/parking structure, Staff requests tonight’s consideration to approve agreements for environmental impact report and site assessment studies be postponed until new proposals can be submitted, wherein Study Area 6 shall be included in the scope and fees.

Additional studies will need to be performed to include Study Area 6 in the ongoing investigation. These additional studies include, but are not limited to, a land assemblage estimate, site assessment studies, expanded environmental impact report, and engineer’s survey of Study Area 6.

Attachment: Map of Study Areas


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