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Meeting Date: June 10, 2003

Subject/Title: Approve temporary use of Agency-owned property for CornFest 2003 parking from July 9 through July 13, 2003

Submitted by: Gina Rozenski, Redevelopment Analyst

Approved by: John Stevenson, Executive Director

Approve temporary use of Agency-owned property for CornFest 2003 parking from July 9 through July 13, 2003.

On November 26, 2002, the City Council unanimously adopted Ordinance No. 727 amending sections of the Municipal Code Section 17.850, Temporary Use Permit. This amendment defines permitted temporary uses, subject to issuance of a Temporary Use Permit and obtaining a City Business License. This definition includes the City-sponsored CornFest as a permitted temporary use (17.850.005.9). The municipal code amendment further provides that “Any Temporary Use [emphasis added] proposed on City property requires the approval of the City Council” (17.850.004).

On May 27, 2003, the City Council approved closure of certain streets and temporarily established no parking restrictions and tow away zones in order to facilitate the CornFest 2003.

Earlier this evening, the Council will consider approval of the use of City-owned properties and a Temporary Use Permit for the CornFest 2003.

The Brentwood CornFest Committee has requested use of the Agency-owned property located at the corner of Oak and Walnut Streets for parking. For many years, the CornFest Committee has used this property as designated parking areas, in conjunction with the safety measures and efforts of the Brentwood police.

The Redevelopment Agency will be added as additional insured in the insurance coverage purchased by the Cornfest Committee for the event, and the Committee will indemnify the Redevelopment Agency against all claims, liability and loss resulting directly or indirectly from operations and activities on the property. The Committee has further agreed to leave the property in a clean and orderly condition upon completion of the festival.


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