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Meeting Minutes
Minutes of March 26, 2002

A regular meeting of the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Brentwood was called to order at 7:35 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 734 Third Street, with Chairman McPoland presiding.

Present: Members Beckstrand, Gomes, Hill, Petrovich, Chairman McPoland
Absent: None




1. Approve Minutes of February 26, 2002. Pulled for further discussion. 

2. Approve Warrant Nos. 63425, 63434, 63461, 63506, 63580, 63610, 63768, 63763, 63850, 63872, 63874. 

It was moved/seconded by Hill/Beckstrand to approve Consent Calendar Item No. 2 as recommended by staff. Motion carried unanimously.

Item 1 

Approve Minutes of February 26, 2002.

It was moved/seconded by Hill/Gomes to approve Consent Calendar Item No. 1 as recommended by staff. Motion carried with Member Petrovich abstaining.


3. Approve a Reimbursement Agreement between City of Brentwood, Brentwood Redevelopment Agency and Developer for a Portion of the Cost of Certain Public Improvements within the Redevelopment Project Area. 

Gina Rozenski, Redevelopment Analyst, explained that the issue before the Agency is to consider the approval of reimbursement by the Redevelopment Agency of $1.5 Million dollars to CL Land Management for a portion of the cost to install public improvements in Special Planning Area B (SPA B). CL Land Management has proposed a 40-acre±, mixed-use development plan on Sand Creek Road, which will include projects such as a business center, hotel, restaurants, offices and townhomes. Ms. Rozenski further explained that as a condition of approval for the project, the developer is required to design, construct and install the public improvements. Ms. Rozenski then overviewed the feasibility of the project and pointed out that the project will provide needed improvements to the North Brentwood Project Area and improved circulation and transportation to the City.

Ms. Rozenski presented Brent Hawkins, legal counsel for the Redevelopment Agency, Art Lorenzini, CL Land Management to the Council for any questions. 

Chairman McPoland commented that the City has always been looking for development in this area and he was enthusiastically waiting for this to happen.

Member Hill commended staff and all the parties involved for constructing the agreement in such a way that it protects our investment by getting infrastructure up front and trigger points in place that staff has called upon which are a huge step in seeding this area with infrastructure and development which will bring the north part of town to the central part of town very nicely.

John Stevenson, Executive Director, commented that during the negotiations, their was one very serious glitch, and Mr. Lorenzini was instrumental in solving the problem that normally would have been left to the City to solve with a great deal of difficulty. Mr. Stevenson remarked that he felt that we are working with a high quality developer.

Member Petrovich asked if the committee was in agreement with the project. 

Chairman McPoland replied that yes they are.

Member Gomes stated that he agreed with all the comments that had been made and he was happy to see the project on the agenda tonight.

Member Beckstrand concurred that she was also pleased and commended staff and Mr. Lorenzini for all their efforts.

It was moved/seconded by Gomes/Petrovich to approve Reimbursement Agreement between City of Brentwood, Brentwood Redevelopment Agency and Developer for a portion of the cost of certain public improvements within the Redevelopment Project Area. Motion carried unanimously. 



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Cynthia Goulding
Deputy City Clerk

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