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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information


Meeting Date: December 9, 2008

Subject/Title: Adopt a Resolution approving the revised classification description for Project Services Specialist and repealing the classification description and salary range for Project Services Manager.

Prepared by: Patti Standley, Human Resources Manager

Submitted by: Karen L. Chew, Assistant City Manager

Adopt a Resolution approving the classification description Project Services Specialist and repealing the classification description and salary range for Project Services Manager.

On January 13, 2004, the City Council approved Resolution No. 2004-04 which established a Project Services Division within the Engineering Department and established compensation and classification descriptions for Project Services Manager and Project Services Specialist.

On May 24, 2005, the City Council approved the recommendations contained in the Johnson & Associates Study when they approved Resolution No. 2005-122. The Johnson & Associates Study was implemented effective July 1, 2005.

The informal project management approach employed when the Police Station project was underway included a team of project manager and contract administrator to share the responsibility for the management of the project. At the time, that approach was very effective with specific tasks assigned to certain individuals. Based on the success of this approach, staff brought forward, and City Council approved, the creation of the Project Services Division in what was then the Engineering Department, to serve all departments citywide not only for CIP projects but areas requiring contracting, management and financial project coordination. This division was responsible for uniformity and management of citywide contract documentation including the bidding process, construction and professional services documentation and associated deliverables such as bonding and insurance.

However, since the Project Services Division was approved in 2004, the City’s decision to continue funding the Project Services Division and City Council priorities changed. The Project Services Division was removed from the City Department/Division structure beginning mid-year of the 2006/2007 Budget year. In line with City Council priorities to streamline the City’s various processes, project and contract work including bidding process, construction and professional services documentation is processed by staff assigned with those project responsibilities. The return to department-lead project management is serving the City well.

When the Project Services Division was removed from the City structure, the Project Services Manager classification was not repealed. Since there is no longer a separate division, thus no need for a Manager, staff recommends repealing the Project Services Manager classification description and removing the salary range from the Compensation Plan effective immediately.

The proposed revisions to the Project Services Specialist classification description broadens the responsibilities across City departments and supports the efforts of department-lead project management as described above.

There is no fiscal impact as there is no recommendation to adjust the salary range.




WHEREAS, a priority of the City Council is to simplify and streamline the City’s various processes, and

WHEREAS, in response to City Council priorities the Project Services Division was removed from the City Department/Division structure mid-year of the 2006/2007 budget year, and

WHEREAS, with the diversification of project services functions, the Project Services Manager was reassigned to the Finance/Information Systems Department as a Management Analyst, and

WHEREAS, staff recommends repealing the Project Services Manager classification description and removing the salary range from the compensation plan, and

WHEREAS, project and contract work including budding process, construction and professional services documentation is now processed by staff assigned to those project responsibilities, and

WHEREAS, the Project Services Specialist classification description is revised to include duties related to the current scope of work that currently includes all City departments and projects, and

WHEREAS, the revised classification description is attached as Exhibit A (Project Services Specialist), and

WHEREAS, staff recommends approval of the revised classification description as defined and based upon internal equity with existing City classifications the salary range remains unchanged, and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Brentwood approves repealing the classification description and salary range described above, as well as the classification description provided above and in Exhibit A hereto.

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held on the December 9, 2008 by the following vote:

Exhibit A (Project Services Specialist)

Class specifications are intended to present a descriptive list of the range of duties performed by employees in the class. Specifications are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job.
Under direction of a Division Manager, performs a variety of para-professional level duties involved in providing contract administration and construction project support; participates in the development, implementation, and administration of assigned services and functional areas; assists in the day-to-day management of projects including, but not limited to: capital improvement projects, development projects, redevelopment projects, software projects and maintenance projects; participates in budget development and monitoring and project area procedure development and implementation; provides a full range of technical, programmatic, administrative, advanced clerical, and routine staff and analytical duties requiring the application of specific program knowledge and administrative, secretarial, and clerical skills; and provides specialized departmental or program information and assistance to City staff and the general public.
The Project Services Specialist is a para-professional class performing a full range of advanced journey level duties and responsibilities with a high degree of independence and with minimal supervision and instruction. Employees perform difficult and responsible types of duties and assume responsibility for projects and/or programs of moderate complexity. Incumbents are required to have knowledge of contract administration practices, departmental and City policies and procedures, and basic principles of design and construction engineering. In addition, incumbents are expected to have good problem solving and organizational skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment within established guidelines. Positions in this class may exercise technical supervision over positions in lower level classifications but this is not considered the primary distinguishing characteristic.
The following duties are typical for this classification. Incumbents may not perform all of the listed duties and/or may be required to perform additional or different duties from those set forth below to address business needs and changing business practices.
1. Provides pre- and post- award administrative contract support; provides technical and administrative support in the preparation of reports, proposals, and other documents.
2. Obtains and evaluates proposals and bids from contractors or other vendors on approved projects; coordinates bidding; assists with review of bids for conformity to contract requirements.
3. Reviews and monitors processes of approved purchase orders modifying contract limits.
4. Conducts project tracking, monitors budget, and maintains files of project contracts, reports, updates, and related materials.
5. Receives department invoices, routes to appropriate staff, and tracks/approves CIP related invoices.
6. Reviews and process documents related to contract administration and project management in the absence of the Division Manager.
7. Assists in the planning, design, and implementation of project or project elements related to area of assignment; participates in processes to define scope and schedule; participates in implementation processes.
8. Assumes responsibility for providing coordination of resources for projects; determines project short and long-term needs and develop recommendations; designs processes and procedures to implement, maintain, and/or manage functional area resources; determines methods and procedures on new assignments.
9. Provides assistance in resolving operational and administration problems; identifies problem areas and issues; conducts research to find alternative solutions; makes recommendations; assists in implementation of recommendations.
10. Performs a variety of technical, programmatic, administrative, advanced clerical, and routine staff and analytical duties requiring the application of specific program knowledge and administrative, secretarial, and clerical skills and related programs or functions; assumes responsibility for specific program area duties; provides assistance in administrative and operating programs as assigned.
11. May coordinate the records management program for assigned department; assumes responsibility for defining and implementing requirements for a “paperless” office environment for the Department, including contracts, purchase orders and other related documents; evaluates and modifies guidelines as necessary; coordinates the maintenance, protection, retention, and disposition of records in accordance with legal and operational requirements; establishes methods and procedures for retrieval of records and stored information.
12. Assists in gathering and developing a variety of budget related material including CIP budget and operating budget as well as for other complex financial reports; participates in document design, content preparation, analysis, and budget reviews; documents budget processes and defines budget and financial reporting project calendars for use during budget and financial reporting preparation.
13. Ensures City Council staff reports are in compliance with assigned area of responsibility including areas such as: CIP budget, purchasing policy, and developer agreements prior to action by the City Council; adjusts CIP budgets as required per City Council approved resolutions; analyzes and tracks developer reimbursement agreements as required per staff reports.
14. Serves as contact, liaison, and resource for assigned functions and programs with other City staff, the general public, and outside agencies and organizations; responds to requests for information and assistance regarding City policies and procedures; assists the public and other City staff in interpreting and applying City policies and procedures; researches information related to City and departmental policies and procedures; explains, justifies, and defends programs, policies, and activities; works cooperatively with contractors, consultants including engineers, or their representatives to resolve questions.
15. Conducts a variety of studies and research for assigned area; collects, compiles, and reviews information from various sources on a variety of specialized topics related to program area of assignment; participates in the preparation of reports that present data, identify alternatives, and make and justify recommendations.
16. Generates and prepares a variety of complex financial, accounting, and statistical statements, analyses, documents, and reports required for management reporting by utilizing both manual and computerized spreadsheet applications; assists other staff and departmental management in the preparation of reports and presentations to City management and the City Council; researches and gathers information from a variety of sources for the completion of forms or preparation of reports.
17. Verifies and reviews materials, applications, records, and reports for completeness and conformance with established regulations and procedures; applies applicable policies and procedures in determining completeness of applications, records, and reports; provides information and forms; collects and processes appropriate information.
18. Participates in coordinating assigned activities and functions with other Agency staff, projects, functions, boards, committees, and task forces as well as local, state, and federal agencies/jurisdictions and the general public; coordinates with, interacts with, shares knowledge with, and develops collaborative relationships.
19. Establishes and maintains various filing systems, schedules, records, and other reference materials; files correspondence, reports, and bulletins; logs reports, applications, and/or telephone calls; maintains records related to specific area of assignment.
20. Recommends improvements in work flow, procedures, and use of equipment and forms; implements improvements as approved; develops and revises office forms and report formats as required; maintains assigned forms and templates.
21. May make presentations and represent the assigned City department, division, program, or project throughout the City organization and community; represents the City in meetings with representatives of businesses, community organizations, governmental agencies, and the public.
22. Performs related duties as required.
The following generally describes the knowledge and ability required to enter the job and/or be learned within a short period of time in order to successfully perform the assigned duties.
Knowledge of:
Operational characteristics, services, and activities of assigned functions, programs, and operational area.
General principles, practices, and procedures of business administration and public administration.
Paraprofessional and technical expert knowledge of business/industry principles and practices related to the area of responsibility.
Methods and techniques of used in the performance of duties and responsibilities specific to the area of assignment.
Basic principles, practices, and terminology used in civil engineering, construction, auditing, and administration.
Contract and project management principles and practices relating to construction and engineering activities.
Methods, materials, and techniques related to construction.
Capital Improvement Programs processes.
Principles and practices of fiscal, statistical, and administrative research and report preparation.
Principles, practices and legal standards of records retention, record keeping and records management.
Records management standards and procedures for filing, indexing, cross-referencing, cataloging, and retrieving records.
Retention technology and implementation practices.
Technical principles and practices of fiscal, statistical, and administrative research, record keeping and reporting.
Principles and practices used in establishing and maintaining files and information retrieval systems.
Principles of business letter writing.
Customer service and public relations methods and techniques.
Mathematical principles.
English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Principles, practices, and requirements used in the preparation of various documents including public notices, resolutions, and agendas.
Principles, practices and methods of public administration including budgeting and grant administration.
Modern office procedures, methods, and equipment including computers.
Computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications as well as financial and statistical software.
Automated accounting systems.
Pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations.
Ability to:
Participate in the management of assigned projects or project areas.
Use technical concepts and general project management tools and techniques to effectively coordinate a project and solve complex problems in creative and effective ways.
Perform a full range of paraprofessional, technical, administrative, programmatic, and advanced clerical work of a general or specialized nature involving the use of independent judgment and personal initiative.
Perform a variety of accounting, fiscal, and statistical record keeping duties including to prepare, maintain, and reconcile a variety of complex records and files.
Review financial records, reports, and related documents, identify discrepancies, and resolve problems related to assigned area of responsibility.
Apply technical principles and practices specific to area of assignment.
Understand the organization and operation of the City and of outside agencies as necessary to assume assigned responsibilities.
Understand and apply pertinent laws, codes, and regulations as well as organization and unit rules, policies, and procedures with good judgment.
Understand construction and project documents including permits, drawings, bids, and regulations information.
Research, compile, and interpret a variety of information and make appropriate recommendations.
Participate in the preparation of a variety of administrative and financial reports.
Conduct or participate in various organizational, fiscal, and administrative studies and analyses including those on new and existing projects and/or program areas.
Participate in the development and administration of policies and procedures.
Develop recommendations for problematic areas and implement and monitor changes.
Independently prepare correspondence and memoranda.
Interpret technical information for a variety of audiences.
Assist with budget preparation and administration.
Coordinate projects with multiple tasks and re-prioritize as needed.
Exercise good judgment in maintaining information, records, and reports.
Exercise initiative and sound judgment in solving difficult and complex administrative and technical problems within established procedural guidelines.
Plan and organize work to meet changing priorities and deadlines.
Implement and maintain filing systems.
Work under steady pressure with frequent interruptions and a high degree of public contact by phone or in person.
Deal successfully with the public, in person and over the telephone; respond tactfully, clearly, concisely, and courteously to issues, concerns, and needs.
Work cooperatively with other departments, City staff and officials, and outside agencies.
Operate and use modern office equipment including a computer and various software packages.
Type and enter data at a speed necessary for successful job performance.
Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Education and Experience Guidelines - Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:
Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade supplemented by two years of college level course work in public or business administration, construction management, architecture, engineering, or a related a professional and/or technical discipline.
Five years of responsible programmatic, technical, and administrative support experience specific to area of assignment.
License or Certificate:
Possession of an appropriate driver’s license may be required.
The conditions herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.
Environment: Work is performed primarily in a standard office environment; occasional fieldwork may be required.
Physical: Primary functions require sufficient physical ability and mobility to work in an office setting; to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time; to occasionally stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, reach, and twist; to lift, carry, push, and/or pull light to moderate amounts of weight; to operate office equipment requiring repetitive hand movement and fine coordination including use of a computer keyboard; may travel to other locations using various modes of private and commercial transportation; and to verbally communicate to exchange information.
Vision: See in the normal visual range with or without correction.
Hearing: Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction.

FLSA Designation: Non-Exempt

Adopted: February, 2005
Johnson & Associates
Revised: December, 2008
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