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Meeting Date: November 18, 2008

Subject/Title: Receive and file the 2008 Cornfest Evaluation Report

Prepared by: Linda Maurer, Economic Development Manager

Submitted by: Casey McCann, Community Development Director

Receive and file the 2008 Cornfest Evaluation Report.

In May 2006, the City Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce regarding the 2006 Cornfest event. The MOU required that a post-event evaluation be provided to the Council. On January 23, 2007, staff provided the 2006 Cornfest evaluation report.

On April 10, 2007, the City Council adopted Resolution 2007-61 approving the Memorandum of Understanding between the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Brentwood for the 2007 Cornfest.

On May 13, 2008, the City Council adopted Resolution 2008-111 approving the Memorandum of Understanding between the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Brentwood for the 2008 Cornfest.

The purpose of the three-day, annual Cornfest event remains community-based as a major funding source for local service organizations (Rotary, Soroptomists, Kiwanis, etc.) and local non-profits (Delta Resource Center, school organizations, cancer society, etc). It also provides significant revenue for the Chamber to continue its annual programs and projects that support Brentwood’s business community, and provides a unique opportunity to showcase our Downtown.

Attached to this report is a post evaluation letter from the Chamber of Commerce regarding the 2008 Cornfest event. By all accounts, including feedback from the Chamber, city staff and the Police Department, the event was again a success. In terms of the cost of city services, the City provided an estimated budget of approximately $42,000 in the MOU, while the actual cost for these services was billed to the Chamber at $31,755.64 in August 2008, resulting in a savings of approximately $10,000 for the Chamber of Commerce.

Staff is already working with the Chamber to plan for the 2009 Cornfest. The location of next year’s event might be affected if construction has been started for either the Civic Center or for the Downtown streetscape improvements. Staff will continue to brief the Council as more information is available about the 2009 Cornfest event.

There is no fiscal impact associated with this informational report. An invoice in the amount of $31,755.64 was paid by the Chamber of Commerce for City services provided for and outlined in the MOU. In addition, the City contributed $23,000 to the Chamber of Commerce towards the cost of fireworks, as well as waived $3,961.17 of parks and recreation fees associated with the use of City facilities.

Brentwood Chamber of Commerce’s 2008 Cornfest Post Evaluation Report
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