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Meeting Date: October 14, 2008

Subject/Title: Informational presentation on the Code Enforcement Program

Prepared by: Louis R. Kidwell, Chief Building Official

Submitted by: Casey McCann, Community Development Director

Accept the informational presentation on the Code Enforcement Program.

On April 24, 2008 an informational presentation was given to the Neighborhood Improvement Committee (NIC). The NIC recommended the presentation be brought to a future City Council meeting in the fall.

The Code Enforcement Program’s main focus has changed over the past year due to the economy and the high number of foreclosures. Complaints are being prioritized and the top three complaint types have been: abandoned homes, landscape maintenance and nuisance abatement. A tremendous increase in cases in these areas has resulted in a reduction of proactive canvassing of the City by Code Enforcement staff.

The Property Maintenance and Nuisance ordinances were codified to assist staff with their enforcement efforts. Several code modifications were made to provide better clarity, and notices of pending action are now being recorded against ‘problem properties’ in order to ensure the code violations are corrected prior to transfer of ownership. The City also has the ability to place liens on properties as a means to recover abatement costs and fines.

The Rental Inspection Program began in July. Letters explaining the program, along with a business license application, are being mailed to property owners. They are being mailed in batches to effectively manage the staff workload.

The Annual Citywide Clean-Up Events were conducted on four Saturdays during the months of August and September. Residents were able to dispose of unwanted items and garbage at no cost. The event was a success with 1,300 residents participating.

A PowerPoint presentation at the October 14th City Council meeting will provide more detailed information about the Code Enforcement Program.

No fiscal impact is anticipated.
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