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Meeting Date: September 23, 2008

Subject/Title: Approve recommendation from City of Brentwood Park and Recreation Commission for conceptual design for the Agricultural Park and History Center (CIP Project #352-52401)

Prepared by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approve the recommendation of the Park and Recreation Commission for the conceptual design for the Agricultural Park and History Center (CIP Project #352-52401).

On March 13, 2007, City Council adopted Resolution 2007-50 approving a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Mery Lynn Nail and Lorraine Visher, or their authorized representative, for real property identified as 3900 Sellers Avenue, APN 015-010-065, accepting real property on behalf of the City of Brentwood and authorizing the City Manager to execute the agreement, and such other documents as may be needed to complete the transaction including acceptance of the Deed; and approving an amendment to Fund 263 in the 2006-07 operating budget not to exceed of $1,080,000.

With the purchase of the Nail Property, Parks and Recreation Department staff has been working on with the Park and Recreation Commission in a series of public meetings to draft a conceptual plan for the 7+ acre parcel that is adjacent to the property owned by the East Contra Costa Historical Society. Starting with a public scoping meeting at the property in June 2007, the architectural firm of Abey/Arnold & Associates has provided a number of drafts for review at meetings with the Park and Recreation Commission, the East Contra Costa Historical Society, and the City of Brentwood Agricultural Enterprise Committee.

As a result of these various public meetings, a final draft was presented to the Park and Recreation Commission at the August 28, 2008 Commission meeting. The conceptual plan includes all of the areas of interest that have been expressed in the community meetings including community gardens, a row crop display area, green house, event building, barn and exhibit space with kitchen facilities, farm animal area, and farm equipment display area. Though the intent of the plan was not to master plan the Historical Society property, the current design of that property is taken into consideration as to the layout of the City property in hopes of the two properties working together on the ultimate design. The plan has written support from the Historical Society (attached). Additionally, members of the Delta Informal Gardeners (DIG) have expressed their support of the plan and an interest in providing support to make the community gardens and growing grounds a reality.

The Park and Recreation Commission approved the conceptual plan and is recommending the City Council approve their recommendation. Once the conceptual plan is approved, City staff will begin to work with the Historical Society, DIG, and other local not for profit organizations to develop a phasing plan for the property and possible agreements for the management of the property on behalf of the City, as well as a final plan and appropriate environmental review. Though the property is designated as a park, the ultimate design and use of the property is not the typical city park design. Experience shows that agricultural and historical parks are most appropriately operated through an agreement with a local non-profit that has the specific expertise in management of these types of facilities.

There is no fiscal impact related to this action. Staff will return to City Council for action as a phasing plan is developed and/or agreements are recommended for management or use of the facility.

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