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City of Brentwood
Patriot Day

WHEREAS, this year marks the seventh anniversary of the ruthless terrorist attacks carried out against our nation on September 11, 2001, and in recognition of this solemn commemoration, moments of reflection and remembrance have been set aside to memorialize the thousands of lives lost, and the innocent men, women and children forever changed by those vicious acts; and

WHEREAS, on that fateful September morning, our country was reminded that the great strength of America is found in the hearts and souls of its citizens, as we witnessed police officers, firefighters, rescue personnel, members of the military and private citizens demonstrate extraordinary courage, risking their lives to save innocent victims, as well as our country, united in compassion as Americans came together to provide relief and bring hope to others; and

WHEREAS, whether we observe a moment of silence or pray for the families of the victims and reflect upon that defining moment in our history, we are inspired by the knowledge that from the pain and sorrow of that day rose a nation united by its love for our freedom; and

WHEREAS, our nation’s resolve to confront terror and leave behind a legacy of peace will be the greatest memorial to the victims of September 11, 2001, and those who have paid the ultimate price to preserve our great nation and its many blessings; and

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOVED, we, the City Council of the City of Brentwood do hereby proclaim September 11, 2008, Patriot Day in the City of Brentwood and encourage all Brentwood residents to observe Patriot Day with appropriate ceremonies, activities and remembrance services, to display their flags at half staff from their homes on this day, and observe a moment of silence to honor the innocent lives that were lost as a result of that fateful day.

Dated this 9th day of September, 2008.

Robert Taylor

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