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Meeting Date: August 12, 2008

Subject/Title: Approve the creation of an ad hoc Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan Subcommittee and appoint Mayor Taylor and Council Member Becnel to serve on the Subcommittee

Submitted by: Winston Rhodes, Senior Planner

Approved by: Casey McCann, Community Development Director

Approve the creation of an ad hoc Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan Subcommittee and appoint Mayor Taylor and Council Member Becnel to serve on the Subcommittee.

On May 8, 2007, the Redevelopment Agency authorized staff to execute a Professional Services Agreement with Raney Planning & Management, Inc. to prepare an Environmental Impact Report and associated studies for the Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan.

The Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan (BBSP) was initiated at the direction of the City Council to implement the General Plan and provide more specific land use guidance for future development in the portion of the Brentwood Boulevard corridor north of the City’s Downtown area. The BBSP was also prepared in anticipation of the changes resulting from the completion of the Highway 4 Bypass this year and the future relocation of State Highway 4 from Brentwood Boulevard to the Highway 4 Bypass expected to occur within approximately two years. The City recognized the need to plan for the transition along the corridor from a rural regional State highway to a local major arterial roadway serving primarily local rather than regional traffic.

In August 2005, a workshop was held to formulate the community vision for the BBSP. The vision was refined and clarified in 2006 in subsequent community meetings and joint City Council / Planning Commission workshops in February and March 2007. The BBSP vision emerged from these workshops as a Grand Boulevard with distinctive, unique buildings facing the boulevard including comfortable walkways and generous landscaping to provide an active, inviting, and attractive corridor stretching from the planned shared northern boundary with Oakley at Delta Road and the southern connection to the Downtown at Second Street.

The BBSP vision and goals were used to formulate a draft land use map that was discussed at the two joint City Council /Planning Commission workshops in February and March 2007 to gather community feedback and refine the land use map based upon the Specific Plan vision and goals. The Council expressed general support for the preliminary land use map and referred the Specific Plan land use map to the Land Use and Development Committee for further consideration. The Land Use and Development Committee reviewed the proposed draft land use map at two meetings in May and June 2007, respectively, and endorsed the land use map for study in an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The draft plan text and figures were subsequently prepared with input from affected City Departments during 2007 and early 2008 with concurrent preparation of the accompanying draft EIR.

The draft Specific Plan and EIR were released on April 22, 2008 for public review and comment. Three stakeholder meetings were held in May to review the Draft Specific Plan and answer questions and concerns from members of the public. The comment period on the draft documents concluded on June 6, 2008. The City received approximately 25 comment letters. The comment letters included several policy issues as well as concerns about draft development requirements. On July 15, 2008 the Land Use and Development Committee held a special meeting to discuss the policy matters and provide direction.

The Committee affirmed the “grand boulevard vision” and directed several substantive revisions to the draft Specific Plan. The revisions included extending the allowable period that established uses, once discontinued, may be re-established without being subject to new plan requirements; making development regulations more flexible; allowing limited drive through businesses; and ensuring that draft residential development standards enable maximum allowable densities to be achieved.

The Land Use and Development Committee directed staff to bring forward this item for the City Council to establish an ad hoc Subcommittee on the Specific Plan to finalize the draft plan for future consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council. Mayor Taylor and Council Member Becnel each expressed their desire to stay involved in the completion of the draft Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan and to serve on this ad hoc committee.


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