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Meeting Date: June 24, 2008

Subject/Title: Accept recommended candidates for appointment to the City of Brentwood Youth Commission

Prepared by: Barbie Gary, Recreation Supervisor

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Accept recommended candidates for appointment to the City of Brentwood Youth Commission.

On June 12, 2007, City Council appointed the following Youth Commissioners to two-year terms beginning July 1, 2007:
Nick Castle
Lauren Conder
Chris Walker

Youth Commission interviews were held May 13-14, 2008 for six openings with a term beginning July 1, 2008. Five of the openings became available due to Commissioner resignations and the sixth position opened up with the term expiration of Commissioner Sarah Simmons.

Outgoing Youth Commissioners:
Nick Castle: 7/1/07–6/30/08, resigned due to departure to college
Leah Hocking: 5/25/04–6/30/08, resigned due to departure to college
Christine Mendez: 5/25/04–6/30/08, resigned due to departure to college
Belinda Ordaz: 6/24/03–6/30/08, resigned due to departure to college
Sarah Simmons: 7/1/05–6/30/08, term expired
C.C. Ahluwalia: 7/1/07–4/26/08, resigned

The Youth Commission is recommending to the City Council the following applicants to fill the six vacated positions.

Youth Commission Applicants:
Katie Barsanti: 2-year term (new member)
Austin Boer: 2-year term (new member)
Elysia Cook: 2-year term (new member)
Bailey Hamlin: 2-year term (new member)
Anthony Montes: 2-year term (new member)
Irving Ordaz: 2-year term (new member)

When selecting the above listed applicants, the Youth Commission Executive Committee and adult advisors chose the candidates who scored the highest in the application and interview process and were the best fit for the Youth Commission; they did not take into account the grade or school in which the applicant attended. It was later realized that with the current Youth Commissioners and the new recommendations, next year’s Youth Commission will be heavily represented by Heritage High School students and only one middle school student. At the June 4, 2008 Brentwood Youth Commission meeting, the Commissioners discussed how to achieve a better balance of middle and high school students in the future to represent the youth of Brentwood as Youth Commissioners. The Youth Commission stated that they would like to continue to make personal visits to the three middle schools since attracting middle school students to be part of the Youth Commission has been difficult. Additionally, applications will continue to be available at all middle and high school sites and commissioner openings will be advertised at each school, local newspapers, and the City website.


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