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City of Brentwood

WHEREAS, the American Red Cross Bay Area was founded in 1898; and

WHEREAS, the Red Cross, a leading voluntary agency, chartered and authorized by Congress to act in times of need, providing compassionate assistance to people afflicted by personal, local or national disasters; and

WHEREAS, the American Red Cross Bay Area helped 900 families with temporary housing, clothing, food and mental health counseling during 500 local disasters last year alone; and

WHEREAS, Red Cross Volunteers responded to approximately 500 local emergencies this year, providing food, clothing, shelter and mental health support; and

WHEREAS, people have counted on the Red Cross for the information and skills they need to be safe at home, at work, at school and at play. Last year, the American Red Cross Bay Area trained over 140,000 people in lifesaving CPR, First Aid, and water safety, and

WHEREAS, through Prepare Bay Area initiative and Community Preparedness programs, over 160,000 individuals received training; and

WHEREAS, Red Cross staff deploy with the U.S. military to provide emergency communications, counseling, financial assistance and caring presence to 2,200 local military families; and

WHEREAS, Red Cross Blood Services support 31 Bay Area hospitals, providing them with more than 134,000 units of red cells, platelets and plasma to patients in need.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOVED, we, the City Council of the City of Brentwood do hereby proclaim March 2008 as American Red Cross Month in Brentwood and encourages all residents to be cognizant of the compassion, courage, character and civic duty that is inherent in the Red Cross mission to prevent and relieve human suffering.

Dated this 26th day of February

Robert Taylor, Mayor

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