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Meeting Date: January 8, 2008

Subject/Title: A Presentation Acknowledging Winners of the 2007 Core Value Awards and the Past Core Value Winners from 2003 – 2006

Prepared by: Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager, on behalf of the Organization Development Steering Committee

Submitted by: Karen Chew, Assistant City Manager

A presentation acknowledging winners of the 2007 Core Value awards and the past core value winners from 2003 - 2006

On September 14, 2004, City Council adopted resolution 2004-218, thus recognizing the Core Values within the City of Brentwood organization.

The City Council endorsed the Core Values as a guide to conducting daily business. These values are promoted in various ways throughout the City. The Core Values are:

 Integrity – Uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles
 Passion – Boundless enthusiasm for what we do
 Accountability – answerable for our actions
 Respect – to feel and show esteem and consideration for others
 Quality – the highest degree of excellence

On an annual basis, the City employees nominate those employees they feel best represent the Core Values. The winners are chosen by their peers and are recognized at the City’s annual Holiday Luncheon.

As a way to further promote these awards, they are being presented at tonight’s Council meeting.

The 2007 winners are:

Integrity – Lori Sanders
Passion – Sal DiMercurio
Accountability – Debra Galey
Respect – Joe Ruzon
Quality – Christie Pollock

Previous award winners include the following employees:

2006 winners:
Integrity – Gail Leech
Passion – Michele Keady
Accountability – Debra Galey
Respect – Mary Jean Holden
Quality – Joe Garcia

2005 winners:
Integrity – Denise Davies
Passion – Mike Erck
Accountability – Yun Cho
Respect – Lisa Williams
Quality – Edelyn Baula

2004 winners:
Integrity – Erik Nolthenius
Passion – Joe Babel
Accountability – Gina Rozenski
Respect – Diane Williams
Quality – Paul Eldredge

2003 winners:
Integrity – Jayne Bauer (former City employee)
Passion – Joe Babel
Accountability – Carl Gaston
Respect – Donna Thomas
Quality – Ralph Prado

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